July 7, 2011

Next on my wish list

I know I said I want to start saving up for a Juicy bag but I can't help adding something else on my wish list : A digital camera.

As embarrassing as this is, I have to admit, I've never owned a digital camera. Sure, my family had one and now we all share a Nikon Dslr but this time, I want my own digital camera. A simple one will do because I've been blogging a lot this year and it's so annoying to have Blackberry quality photos posted up here on my blog. I know almost all of them are of poor quality and now the cat is finally out of the bag, I don't have a digital camera that I can carry everywhere with me. I'm not so good at gadgets, so just a basic and simple one will do just fine. The things that I want on my digital camera are the quality, the photos must be clear and has good lighting (like the ones from Fara's camera), it must be easy to carry everywhere and anywhere, not too heavy and not too big so I can carry it around in my bag, has a simple, modern and nice physical appearance (preferably with bright colours like red or maybe pink), from a well-known brand (not some China brand), a spacious memory and finally, the price must be reasonable. I don't mind getting cheap cameras, as long the photos are nice, the lightings are good and everything, then it's fine with me.

So if you have any suggestions on what camera I should get, you can comment here or email me with the details of the camera. Thanks!

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