July 7, 2011

Go Couture Yourself

My old friend, Fatin updated her blog with a video of Macbarbie07 from Youtube. I've never heard of Macbarbie07 before until I read her post. Fatin posted a video of Bethany (Macbarbie07) doing a Lauren Conrad inspired hair tutorial, so being a big fan of Lauren Conrad, of course I wanted to watch the video. I collect Lauren Conrad's book and so far, I love her beauty & fashion guide book, Style, the most!

So anyway, my favourite video of Macbarbie07 has got to be the one that she did a room tour. She has a pretty bedroom, an amazing make up room and her make up collection is massive! I even had to rewind the video a couple of times to see if my eyes weren't lying. She could open up a MAC store if she wants.

I also found 'What's in my purse?' (updated version) video and if you're close to me, you would know how obsess am I towards Juicy Couture. This video of Bethany actually showed what's in her purse and her purse happened to be a Juicy's DayDreamer bag.

I forgot how spacious the DayDreamer bag was and I could just throw so many things inside without feeling the burden on my shoulder. I've tucked my black DayDreamer bag in my bags' cabinet that I forgot that I even have one! To tell you the truth, it's been so long since I last wear any of my Juicy bags. I don't know why...

My DayDreamer bag isn't the same one as hers and it's probably last season's but the size and the compartments are the same. So I can still put anything and everything in it. So I decided to wear my DayDreamer bag to work today!

I have everything that I need tucked inside this bag. My essentials, my make up pouch, a book that I'm reading now and a lot of other stuffs too. I'm a huge handbag fan but it's kind of annoying when a bag so pretty couldn't fit all my stuffs. I love to read and I always bring my book everywhere I go since I was in high school. There are certain bags that I own that weighs a ton if I put a book in it, so that really bug me. But with this DayDreamer bag, I can even throw in two books if I want to! Seeing how I'm a working girl now, I have to bring my laptop everyday to work. So now I can match my handbag with my Juicy's laptop bag!

I really need to save up for another Juicy bag after this since it's really worth it. Pretty, spacious and comfortable! I asked my Dad for a gold chained handbag from Juicy last couple of months but no luck. He said it's so expensive and I know that, that's the reason why I'm asking for his Amex, right? Hehe. So now, with my job and everything, I want to save up my salary to invest in another Juicy bag, hopefully. Wish me luck guys, as I'm never good at saving money.

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