July 6, 2011

Second Semester Results

I've seen my results on the Internet thrice and I even got them in my mail box a month a go. But I hesitated to update about it because well, I'm not proud of my results this semester. I know I've been really playful and so lazy this semester, but I never thought of the outcome. And now, I'm regretting it so much. I tried to get over the fact that my CGPA this semester dropped. After a month of sulking, I figured, its okay and I really should start to bersyukur and thank Allah on whatever I obtained and for giving me the chance to score above 3. That's the best I could do for that semester, so I'll have to accept it and learn from my mistakes. So no more hoo haa for me in Second Year and no more skipping classes...

Errr, I hope.

As for now, let me show you my embarrassing results.

3.4?? Okay, I have nothing to say. I'm going to let you be the judge. Before you judge though, I do know that I've been playing a lot. So you don't have to tell me that.

I realised that nobody is born a genius (except my best friend, Lola who's studying in UK right now). It's actually a matter of hard work. If you're lazy like *cough* me, you won't score. But if you are a person who doesn't think studying is a burden, then you'll be a genius. I'm not saying that I think studying is a burden, no. I just have my moods to study. I'm not like some kids who loves to study 24/7. I don't force myself to study unless I have a test or examination week is coming.

And now I know I should have forced myself to study no matter how lazy I get. That should be on my Second Year Resolutions list. That is, if I have a list.

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