October 15, 2011


Some of you might be aware of the anonymous comments on my giveaway post and right now I'm making a post about it. I don't know who this anonymous is and what's their intention. Good or bad, I don't know. I have no experience in all these but the reason why I'm posting this is because I want to get this straight and clear. I am NOT in anyway trying to pick a fight with anyone of you. Anonymous or not, I just don't do fights. I can tolerate a lot of things but not fights, especially with someone I don't even know.

So right now I'm going to apologise to whoever out there who's offended by my words, the way I replied or anything I did. I'm sorry. To be honest, I was offended a little after reading the anonymous comment, judging the way I talked and everything but then I realised, why would I waste my time being down about it? It's their opinions and it shouldn't bother me. And frankly speaking, I wasn't at all offended when I replied the comment. I wasn't being sarcastic but I was really curious to know why would someone be anonymous if their intentions were good. That's all. But I guess my reply was misunderstood and taken as 'offended'. Seriously, I don't want my blog to be the place where people pick fights, write rude comments and stuffs.

And one more thing, I'm only human. If you want to judge me, at least use a more polite way to give me advices. People give me advices all the time because yes, I have flaws. I didn't say I can't accept what people have to say about me because naturally, people will judge you and just point out your flaws but what matters is the way you voice it out. I mean, do you go around in real life and say, "hey, you should really fix the way you talk because I think your "slang" is like Manglish trying to be English" right in front of someone's face? People don't just do that, do they? I know people are a lot more brave behind the screens, like one of my reader said. But that doesn't mean you can leave comments that can affect someone's self esteem, you know? And like I said before, if you really want to advise people, at least show your own identity, not as anonymous because that will make it seems like you're trying to condemn people, not advising. I'm trying to voice this out as innocent as I can because trust me, picking a fight with this anonymous person or anyone of you out there is the last thing on my mind. If this anonymous person was genuine in giving me advices, then I'm sorry if you think I was offended and I'll try to improve my pronunciation in my future videos but about the slang, I don't really know why I speak that way, but it's been like that since I was little. So there's nothing I can do about it. I didn't even noticed I have a "slang", really! Hehe. But if the person is trying to pick a fight, then I don't know what's the purpose. I just want every one of you to know why I replied the way I did and why I moderated my comments. I won't be approving anymore negative comments from anonymous or "?" or "!" or anything like that, but feel free to voice out your honest opinions and give me advices, just not in a rude way and with your own name. Be more polite please, it's not that hard to be polite right? :)

I'm so sorry to all of you if I ever say or did anything that makes you think I'm a bad person or anything. I hope my readers understand this situation. And now let's get pass this thing and be more positive, shall we? Not to mention, let's focus on the Sereni & Shentel giveaway! :D

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