October 15, 2011

S&S Entries Update Day 5

There's no new entries for today. Let's just hope November 10th comes fast! I'm so psyched to know who the winner will be! :D For now, here are all the entries so far :

Blog entries :

- 酱酱``

- Anna

- Anis Nabilla

Youtube entries :

- dancingshoes93

- lingcy83

- syeang

Both entries :

- Sweet Adeline Ho

- Effa Othman

- Melissa Ng

Good luck, girls! <3


The Shopaholic said...

oooo...can't wait for it to be announced :)

The Shopaholic said...

OOo...cant wait for it to be announced :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hey Syeang! Yes, me too! So eager to wait till November 10th. Btw thanks for entering! :D