October 15, 2011

S&S Entries Update Day 4

Sorry for the late update girls! I had so much to do yesterday :( But anyway, here's the update of all the entries so far :

I will make a list of entries every night. If you see your entries on the list, you CAN'T delete your entry for whatever reason and send another. You'll be disqualified if you do so. Please remember, you can only enter this giveaway after you've become a follower of my blog or a subscriber to my Yutube channel. The ones that I put (NOT FOLLOWER/NOT SUBSCRIBER) beside their names below, means you haven't followed my blog or subscribed to my channel yet. Please do so by the end of today (October 15th) before 12 midnight. Anyone who fails to follow/subscribe today, their entries will be cancelled.

Blog entries :

- 酱酱``

- Anna

- Anis Nabilla (NOT FOLLOWER)

Youtube entries :

- dancingshoes93

- lingcy83

- syeang

Both entries :

- Sweet Adeline Ho

- Effa Othman

- Melissa Ng

To those who haven't followed my blog, please click "Join this Site" at the side bar. And if you have followed, let me know. Thank you :)

If you have submitted your entry but didn't see your name in this list, do let me know! However, I'll update this every night, so you might want to check at night :) This list is to show the confirmation of entries. All the entries sent by all of you listed above are final.

Thanks for all of your entries and supports! So much love for all of you ;)


♥ melissaaa. said...

I did follow. My name is Melissa. I even use my sis's account to follow you here and in twitter. Please check properly? Thanks. :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hey Melissa! I'm so sorry! It was so careless of me! Sorry sorry sorry! You did follow, and thanks :)

♥ melissaaa. said...

Lol, it was alright. Just wanna clarify :)

Btw, yes, i agree with adeline. Ignore people who tries to insult you in one way or another. No one is perfect, girl! :) plus, im sure annonymous wasnt that perfect either. If he/she is, she wouldnt have insult you.

I've view your blog sincemonths ago, when i did some random blog hopping. Since then, i've always view your blog once or twice in a week when im free. I dont think you have a problem with speaking and stuff. You are such a sweet girl instead! All these words are from the bottom of my heart. :)

Cheer up alright! :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hey Melissa! Thanks for the motivation and your support! Really appreciate it! Thank you! :D

Hugs <3