October 17, 2011

How one reader affects me

I started my day today with a few difficulties in college. By lunch time, I was not in a very good mood. But then my phone beeped. New email! I thought it was just some email from blog shops or something that I subscribed to, so I just sighed and opened the email.

"Regarding SS Giveaway" the subject said.

My heart was thumping. Could it be a complain about the giveaway? Maybe I wasn't professional enough? Maybe I'm not efficient enough? Everything was racing through my mind and when I opened it....

My frown went upside down. I couldn't stop smiling, each word meant so much to me and as I went along the lines, my smile grew wider! I felt a tiny bit of tears at the corner of my eyes because that email touched my heart. Zahir was with me at that time and he was looking at me like "why is she smiling to her phone.... oh no, wait. Is she crying? Okay, whats wrong with this girl?". Hahahaha I'm not exaggerating, seriously that email was the highlight of my day! It was from one of my reader, Adeline Ho, who's almost 6 years older than me *blush*. I didn't realized it until I read her email, that there are people who supports me and who loves reading my blog and loves watching my videos. It's not the matter of how I speak or what grammatical error I made, it's just me. Who I am and how I present myself to the society is the thing that makes people like my blog. When I blog and make videos, it's always me. Not me trying to be someone else or me pretending to blend in with the crowd. So if people like my blog, that means they like me for who I am, not somebody I'm trying to be. Adeline's email opened my eyes in so many different ways. Seeing she's a more grown up than me, I guess it's logical that she thinks wiser than me. Because in the email, she mentioned her concern about the anonymous. She said "ignorance is the best for people like that" and I couldn't agree more. I know I shouldn't have replied the anonymous comments but I guess that was a mistake I had to learn. I should have just ignored it in the first place.

I would really love to tell you guys the exact contents of the email and why it touched my heart so much but I guess I'm going to keep it between us both. It's something I'll treasure forever because I appreciate her initiative to take some time to write me the email and I appreciate her concerns about me. I'm not going to lie, I've read the email over and over again for a billion times and it makes me smile every time. I love receiving these kinds of emails from my readers because it shows that my readers are concerned about me and care about me, not as readers to blogger, but as friends instead :) This is my first email from one of my readers and it motivated me in so many ways. Adeline's words really showed how brilliant she is and she taught me how to just keep my chin up and stay positive. I've never seen her face to face but I'm sure she's a very smart lady whom I should look up to. And now if I ever had a gloomy day or a rough day, I can just open my email and read that email. Before I know it, I would be smiling ear to ear despite the bad things that happen :)

So Adeline, if you're reading this, I've replied your email and thank you. Thanks for your support, your advices, your concerns and just about everything. Just by that one email, you've brighten up my whole entire day! I appreciate it so much. Hope everything's fine with you and your family. God bless you, Adeline. xoxo <3

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