November 10, 2011

Last S&S giveaway update!

Thank you everyone, for participating and giving me endless supports! I really appreciate it. So if you're reading this post, that means the Sereni & Shentel giveaway is CLOSED. No more entries after this post and I would like to say thank you to everyone who sent me their entries and took the time to read my blog through all the old posts and everything, I really really appreciate you guys' efforts. Now I'm going to feel guilty because I only get to choose one winner because when I read all of your entries, I feel so motivated and you guys always make me feel better about myself. So thank you to each and every one of you! So here's a list of all the entries, if you submit your entry after this post is published, you are not qualified to enter this giveaway.

All entries are considered final.

Blog entries :

- 酱酱``

- Anna

- Anis Nabilla

- Ellina Dzulkarnain

- Yieujinlostinside

- livelaughlove

Youtube entries :

- dancingshoes93

- lingcy83

- syeang

Both entries :

- Sweet Adeline Ho

- Effa Othman

- Melissa Ng

- Adelia Falecia

However, if you don't see your name on this list but you're sure that you have submitted your entry before, let me know in the comment box below, stating the date of your submission and your name so I can recheck your entry. I may have carelessly left out a name or something, so you might want to let me know.

I won't be making the decision for this giveaway as I don't want to be bias. So, my family will decide which of your answer is the best. They'll vote and the majority wins. If you don't win this giveaway, don't accuse me for being bias or anything because the decision is not mine. And no worries, if God's willing, I'll be making more giveaways after this. InsyAllah :) By the way, the winner has 24 hours to respond after the announcement, if I don't hear from the winner within 24 hours, the winner will be replaced by the first runner up and so on. So be sure to check out my blog on the announcement day!

I will announce the winner on November 12th 2011, it could be at anytime of the day. If you follow my Twitter, you might know earlier ;)


xoxo, Ayeen Kadir

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