November 12, 2011


Okay girls. This is it. After a month of waiting, I'm going to announce the winner right now!!

But first, I want to thank everyone for participating and giving me endless support on my blog and everything. Some of you even motivated me by sending me emails and comments that really teared me up in happiness. Thank you is not enough but I just want you guys to know, without every one of you, this won't happen. I would never have the chance to make a giveaway if it weren't for all of you. I really appreciate every comment and email, though I may not have the time to reply ALL of them, but I do read them ALL! Please know that I really really love my readers.

And please note that I DID NOT choose the winner for this giveaway because I don't want to be bias. There are people I know personally in this giveaway, so I don't want to make the decision. So, I called up my boyfriend to come to my house last night and we all, including my family, sit down together and read each and every one of you guys' entries and make the decision. I did not contribute any decision though. I made them read all of the entries and give me a winner. The winner was chosen based on the majority. The best part was, they all ended up choosing the same entry without knowing each other's choice beforehand! So, of course it's confirmed that the winner deserves it :)

Okay, enough blabbering, now let's just get this done and over with!



She entered both, in my blog and also my Youtube channel, so Adalia Felicia is her name on my blog and ibanez5148 is her Youtube account.

So Adalia, congratulations! You have 24 hours to get back to me. Please email me your details as below :

Full name:
Full Address :
Email :
Contact No:

Send to

If you fail to get back to me within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

To those who didn't win, I'm sorry but there's always next time right? Who know, I might do another giveaway? InsyaAllah :) Thanks again for participating you guys!!

Keep on checking my blog/channel for updates on my life/beauty/fashion! <3


酱酱`` said...

congrats adila!

Adalia Felicia said...

Thank you so much Ayeen, her family and boyfriend for giving me the opportunity to win the Sereni & Shentel giveaway. To the rest, keep up reading Ayeen's blog and never give up in the upcoming contest.

ehsan shafiq said...

tak sempat :(