January 22, 2012

California Update : Day 8

After Sea World the day before, we went back to Orange County since our hotel was there in The OC. Next on our agenda was Safari in San Diego as well. So on Day 8, we had breakfast at the hotel and my brother drove us back to San Diego which took us about 2 hours to get there. I slept in the car the whole way, like usual. I couldn't stay awake in the car for long, I have no idea why.

When we arrived at the Safari, we were relieved to see that not a lot of people were there. Maybe it was still early in the morning. We went in without having to queue up or anything, so that was a great start to the day.

My sister loves those aztec prints and all those hippie feather things, if that makes any sense. She's one of those who loves those things. Imagine aztec print top and a pair of dream catcher earrings, and you'll know what I mean. So when she saw all these aztecs in the Safari, she was so excited, taking photos of everything.

Even the restrooms sign board was aztec and colorful!

We walked around the Safari and being an animal lover myself, I went all ooh and aahh seeing animals around me.

I was most excited to see the lion because it wasn't easy to see a real life lion right in front of me.

When we arrived at the lion's place, the huge lion was lazing around on top of a car. With its mane, I kept staring at it, because it was the most handsome thing I've ever seen!

We searched for the Safari tramp afterwards. Basically, it was just a tramp that brings you around the safari, bringing you nearer into the wildlife.

I have a lot of animal photos in my camera but I couldn't bring myself to upload each and everyone of them here because then, this post will be over flowing with photos that you might not even be interested in. So I'm just going to upload a few.

There were a lot of giraffes and animals that have horns like antelopes and rhinos.

After the tramp, we went around the Safari again, to see other animals. We saw gorillas, an eagle and we even fed the ducks that were running around us, asking for food.

When we went around the place some more, we saw a door that connected to a place where we can play around with goats. We jumped to the chance and went in. I almost died seeing their cuteness!!
We bought the pallets to feed those goats and pat them while we were at it. I was kind of scared at first but I guess I braved up because I wouldn't have a chance like that anymore.

Look how huge the goat is!

They were so cute that I didn't want to leave! I want to just sit there and feed them forever!

Next, we went to see the bats. It was still bright, so the bats were sleeping. Honestly, that was my first time seeing a bat, like real life. They were so tiny and cute but I couldn't help but they reminded me of draculas.
We looked for the tigers before we head back but the tigers were so far away from the other animals. My leg hurt by the time we saw the tigers because the Safari was freaking huge! When we saw the tigers, which we didn't really 'see' because the tigers were hiding behind rocks. We were so disappointed not just because we couldn't even see them clearly, but also because the tigers were the ones we see all the time in Malaysia's zoo. So not worth the walks -__-

We sat for a little while to gain back up all the energies we lost walking there and then continued to the exit of Safari. Over all, I would say that the Safari was a really fun experience, though not as fun as the Sea World the day before.

For dinner, we went to a Chinese Muslim restaurant located somewhere in Anaheim. After filling our stomachs, it was already around 4 something, so I asked my brother, "do we have time to go to a shopping mall nearby?", with a grin on my face. My brother nodded and said yes. My grin grew a lot wider instantly! My brother said Brea Mall was near, so he could drive us there. So I spent the night shopping at the mall. Bought things from Victoria Secret, of course. Then I searched for Bath & Body Works because I've been waiting for so long to shop there since B&BW isn't available here in Malaysia. I bought some NYX products too and oohh, I guess I would say that my 'purchase-of-the-day' was definitely my Baby Phat heels! I was contemplating whether to purchase the Baby Phat or the Steve Madden ones but I thought Baby Phat is rarer than Steve Madden in Malaysia, so I bought the Baby Phat ones. When I tried them on, 4 different strangers complimented them. One of them even said " You should really get that because it looks so pretty on you. If you don't get it, I'll get it for myself". So I guess it's only appropriate to get them after all those kind compliments!

We went in Macy's to see around until it was almost midnight! Macy's opened until midnight since Christmas was around the corner. When it was almost midnight, my brother said we should head back since we had a long day again tomorrow. So we headed back to Orange County, washed ourselves up and curled ourselves on the beds and fell asleep.

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