February 1, 2012

California Update : Day 12

Day 12 was Christmas day!!! It was another 'Disneyland day' as well because Disneyland was just too big for us too explore in a day and since we got the city passes, we could go to Disneyland for 3 days. So that morning we walked to Disneyland like the day before but this time, it was so hot! We were kind of sweating a little by the time we arrived at Disneyland. I know California doesn't really get that cold but it was winter and though everyone knows how California doesn't have snow, I thought it's going to be at least a little cold. But not on Day 12, it wasn't. The sun was scorching right above our heads and I had my scarf around my neck, my UGG boots and my winter jacket. It was a good thing I put my hair up in a pony tail!

When we arrived, we expected to see empty theme park since it Christmas and all but instead, we couldn't even walk without bumping into strangers' shoulders. It was super crowded, with the heat and everything, I was starting to get really grumpy....

until I saw the Disney castle. My eyes instantly lit up, I forgot how hot it was and just gazed at the breath taking castle. I wanted to live in there!!

After the 10 seconds happy castle moment, I came back to reality where I had to wait in line for almost 2 hours just to get on a single ride. I was getting pissed off but luckily I was with my family, so I wasn't that bored while waiting in line and also, all the rides that I waited for were so worth it!! I couldn't believe how brave I was when I was there. I was the one who pulled my family to get on this ride and that ride. It was a crazy experience for me and I loved it!

There was a parade, a Christmas one, I guess of all the Disney characters and since I'm a dwarf compared to all the 6' tall Americans, I was crushed between giant strangers. So I just pushed myself out from the crowd and got Churros to eat. I gave my camera to my brother so he can take photos of the parade and I could see them on my camera instead. How sad was that, right? Hehe but I was happy enough to see them on my camera.

After a while, we were hungry and the heat & crowd were getting to us, so we found a place to sit while my brother bought ice creams for us!

That day was truly exhausting, to be honest. Because the time we spent pushing ourselves through the swarm of people and waiting in line, it was just so tiring. But worth it nonetheless. We were so tired by 5pm and went out to the exit. We may not have ride every single ride there is in Disneyland but we sure enjoyed every ride we went on. And the fact that we have explored every corner of the massive Disneyland was actually enough for me.

We went for dinner and dived on our beds at the hotel after. Disneyland was the best place I've gone so far, hands down!

I mean, really. Look at the castle. How can you not be the happiest when that is a few feet away from you??

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