February 2, 2012

California Update : Day 13 (Last Day!!!!) :(

Day 13 was the day we all dread. We didn't want to go back to Malaysia and I know my brother didn't want us to leave either. But instead of sulking and being sad the whole day, we decided to get the best out of the last few hours we had there with my brother. As much as we didn't want to leave, we had to face reality. I had finals in a week time which I obviously couldn't avoid. So, like it or not, Malaysia is our home and we have to go back.

We checked out from the hotel and went back to my brother's house in Walnut to re-pack our luggages since they were over flowing an also to fetch his girlfriend to join us for dinner after. We had to take my brother's luggage because we bought so much that our luggages almost burst! I love shopping and all but I just hate packing them in our luggage because it can be a hassle to me. But Alhamdulillah, we managed to pack everything up and believe it or not, we came with 5 luggages and went back with 10. I was like, did we buy that much stuffs? I didn't think so, maybe it was the souvenirs. And no, I wasn't in denial..... I think. Hehe. After packing and stuffs, trying to arrange the baggages in the car was another story. Some of us had to cross our legs in the car just because the car was packed with bags.

After arranging everything, Dad wanted to go to Ulta to get something and my brother, his girlfriend and I went to Cold Stone to get some ice creams!!

I was so excited because they have a lot of flavors that I can choose from.

We decided on a Mint Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Cheesecake. They were SO GOOD!!!!

Basically, we just choose our flavor and they will do it for us. They'll mix the ice cream with other ingredients right in front of you.

My brother then drove us to a nearby Boiling Crab, again because we all wanted a great dinner and what's the best if not Boiling Crab? Everyone was so excited to get to eat Boiling Crab again before heading to the airport. By the time we got there, they were a lot of people outside waiting for their turn to be seated. Obviously, other people were just the same as we are. They love Boiling Crab and I don't blame them. Although we had to wait for an hour outside in the cold, we didn't care. As long as we get our last dose of the best seafood ever.

And this time, we ordered a lot.

If I said I ate 9 big shrimps the last time I was there, this time, I ate like, 15. Yes, that and oysters and sweet potato fries and calamaris. Imagine how full I was by the time we were done with dinner.

At the airport, there were tears, hugs, sobs, red eyes and more tears. We didn't want to leave! But I guess we need to accept the fact that we have to. It wasn't a choice, it was something we need to do. So letting go of my brother's warm hug, I just waved goodbye to him and his girlfriend, Hannah. Tears ran down our cheeks non-stop after that. But the worst was definitely my little brother. He cried so hard in the plane and I had to comfort him saying there's always another time to come visit again. And then he fell asleep on my shoulder. I was sad but now I'm the eldest among them since my eldest brother is far far away, I felt the need to stay strong and soothe them. We spent the plane ride mainly just sleeping and eating because everyone was sad of leaving.

I hope we'll have the rezeki to go and visit again soon :')


Sabrina Jasman said...

Heyy coldstone is like cream&fudge. they mixed the ice-cream like that too. but the flavors that I chose are not so nice -.-

anywayy, it was fun reading on your holidays in California! Would love to go there someday :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Really? And where can I find this cream&fudge? I want to try!! :D And thanks for keeping up with all my california updates. Means a lot to me! And you should go with your husband. I bet you will shop till you drop, literally! Hehehe :D

Sabrina Jasman said...

i think there's only in klcc. and one in alamanda :D
hehe i hope so too!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Oh is it the cream & fudge factory or smthng? Because I saw one in Alamanda the other day. Thanks by the way! :D