February 29, 2012

Fashion : Cuffed Jeans

Since last year, I always wanted to try cuffed jeans. I've donned cuffed jeans a couple of times but somehow I don't think it's that flattering when I wear them. I'm starting to think that cuffed jeans are meant for tall girls. But that's when I saw Rachel Bilson wearing them.

Rachel Bilson is always spotted with the latest and prettiest trends. I've loved Rachel Bilson's style since forever and cuffed jeans is one of them. I thought height was my problem when cuffed jeans don't look good on me but clearly, height isn't the problem. Rachel Bilson is almost the same height as I am, so I don't know what's my problem. Probably it's my thighs? Or maybe because anything Rachel Bilson wears will look good on her because she's just naturally pretty? I don't know. But I'm going to find a way to make cuffed jeans look good (or at least decent) on me someday!

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