March 14, 2012


I love food. I love trying new restaurants because I love to eat. A lot. But it was a shame that I've never tried Alexis before.

I went out for karaoke and a movie with my closest girlfriends in college, Reena & Miejah. Since our classes were cancelled on Monday, we decided to go out and spend some time together before we get busy with assignments and site visits. We went to Midvalley, since it's the closest mall to our college that has Red Box (karaoke) and a cinema.

After karaoke, we had plenty of time before our movie. So Reena suggested we get desserts at Alexis. She said that Alexis' Pavlova is delicious. Being a sweet tooth that I am, of course I couldn't turn down that suggestion! I love Pavlovas but never really tried them anywhere except for Serai @ Empire.
When I first put the Pavlova in my mouth, I instantly thought ,"and I thought Serai's was the best". Well, now it's the second best because for me, Alexis' is so much better! Not only it tasted better than Serai's, it also costs cheaper considering it's bigger than Serai's. I can't believe how I've never tried Alexis' Pavlova before!

Tips : Watch out for Muslims, you should ask the waiters/waitresses if the food you ordered contains alcohol. Because some of them might contain a little bit of alcohol (ie : Tiramisu)


Nada Rahman said...

I love Alexis! I just didn't know they have one in mid valley. It's the same one as in great eastern mall, is it not? being away has made me so kebelakang. For your next visit, I highly suggest you try the pecan cake and cheese cake. also, their chocolate nutty meringue! I myself am a food lover. holla! xo

Ayeen Kadir said...

Really? I thought they only have two outlets, one in Gardens and one in Bangsar. I'm not sure about the Great eastern mall though. So don't worry, even though you're away, it's not that bad. I yg live here pun don't know much! Hehe

But anyway, yes Alexis is awesome!! I saw the chocolate nutty meringue the other day and it looked so niceeee! but I had to hold myself back from ordering that since I already ordered the huge Pavlova. Hehe. But definitely will try the ones you recommend! Thank you so much! xx

Sharinginfoz said...

so pavlova kiranya halal le ya, boleh cuba ni

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yeap it's halal :)