March 9, 2012

Quick One

Hey guys!! I've been so restless lately and I don't even know why. I don't know why I've been sleeping and eating a lot recently. A sign of gaining weight? I'm just too weak these past few days.

On a brighter note, my team and I have another netball tournament tomorrow. This time it's going to be at my college. Unfortunately, a few of my team mates can't make it as they have their own commitments to other things. So we had to import outsiders and truth be told, we didn't even train. I mean, what if there's no chemistry between us tomorrow?! I'm so freaking worried right now, you have no idea! But fortunately, all my team mates that I really have high hope and trust are going to make it tomorrow. Like Shera, of course. And there's Jee, Aira and also Chut. These are the ones I trust the most in the team, so I guess it won't be that bad after all.


I'm going to be a lot tanner than I already am tomorrow. Don't be shock to see me out and about, donning my newly tanned skin that is 5 shades darker. Being tan doesn't sound as flattering as it should be now, does it?

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