March 7, 2012

Fourians forever!

As some of you might know, the netball tournament my team and I were training for was last weekend. That explains why I haven't been updating since then. I had to wake up so early on Saturday and Sunday. Not that I'm complaining.

As you might already have guessed, my team and I call ourselves Fourians just because most of us were/are from SMK USJ 4, my former high school. Though some of them weren't from there, we still call ourselves Fourians. Just like the good ol' days ☺

Proud to say, we managed to get through the first stage. We had to play against 4 teams and won 3 out of 4. So we survived the first stage and got into the top 16. I know it doesn't sound as good but we're a new team. This tournament was the first tournament all of us had joined and top 16 out of 36 teams? That's quite good, if you ask me. We went back on Sunday and was really excited when they announced our team to be in the top 16! After lunch, we had to play against a team from JPA (yes, JPA as in the JPA where you get your scholarship from for the college students) and unfortunately, we lost to them. I don't know why but I was kind of disappointed because we could've won but my team and I were getting so lazy at that stage and we didn't play our best.

Warming up

But you know what? After thinking it through, I should be thankful for coming this far. It was my first tournament after so long and we got through the first stage and I know we all are going to get better and better. Truthfully, Shera and I talked about this before the tournament. We both were not confident about surviving the first stage but my teammates and I managed to get through! Though it wasn't much, but I'm so proud of my team and to me, it's a big deal.

Hopefully we'll be joining more tournaments and we all can improve ourselves in the near future!

Oh I just love my Fourian girls so much! ♥

By the way, I just want to say thank you to Zahir for being there to support not only me, but my whole team. Even my team agreed that he can be our coach because he motivated us during the game and commented on how we played right after. He stayed through the whole 2 days with us without complaining that he was tired or anything like that. He really is a sweetheart <3

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