April 16, 2012

Fatin's Birthday

This post is like, so long overdue but anyway, I'm going to post it up still. So probably most of you guys knew about my Blackberry, which was stolen like, a week ago. On that very day that I lost my phone, I went to my former high school, which was my sister's school now. I went there with Fara to surprise Nina's friend, Fatin. I'm close to Fatin as well, so I teamed up with my sister to surprise her after school. I baked brownies for her and made her a huge card.

The thing was, when Fara and I arrived at school, it was raining. Not the usual rain, it was raining so heavily, complete with thunderstorms and really strong wind. With umbrellas in hand, Fara and I struggled to open the car doors and carry the stuffs while holding on to the umbrellas. We survived and went in the school but with wet hair, clothes and the card I made was a little wet too. The moment Fatin saw Fara and I, holding the brownies with candles on top and the card, her face changed! In a good way, of course. We surprised her well!

After singing Happy Birthday and everything, we went into the hall since the rain got even worse. Inside the hall, we ate the brownies and everything and suddenly two students came in and said we have to get out of the hall as there was fire on the top floor. We all laughed and didn't believe them until we saw firemen running around with water hose. We all panicked and ran, right there and then. I was really careless to just grabbed my bag and left my Blackberry behind. When we went back to the hall 5 minutes later, the phone was gone. Left there was only my red Kate Spade phone pouch. I started to cry buckets while everyone helped me find the phone. In the end, we didn't find it. I was so disappointed in myself for being so careless.

But anyway, the past is the past. I really hope I won't be as careless again. And I'm really glad Fatin liked the surprise, that's all that matters :)

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