April 9, 2012

Kids in the 21st century

Kids nowadays are very rude. Seriously, I can't even believe how rude they are. I mean, of course, those who come from well-trained families are okay but those who are lack of knowledge on how to behave.... they can be a pain in the neck. I came across two incidents that can support this fact I'm pointing out.

First, I went to my Mom's school last week (Mom's a primary school teacher, if you don't already know) and I was walking towards the car to go back. Then there was a group of little kids, around the age of 8 to 10, playing games on the canteen's table. I know them because they're the other teachers' children except for one little boy that I've never seen before. I'm kind of close to one of these boys and he was talking so loudly. So I just said "wow, loud voice", with a grin on my face, a sign of teasing the boy. That boy just grinned back with embarrassment. So then I started to walk away until the boy that I've never seen said "biar la, sibuk apa", (which kind of means 'why do you care' in Malay) in a very rude way that no kids should ever be allowed to talk like that. I turned back to them and asked, who said that and why was he being so rude? That boy had the nerve to look up at me and laugh! I kept calm and asked,

Me : Is that the way you talk to an adult?
Rude boy : Yes (with a giggle)
Me : Who taught you to talk rudely like that?!!
Rude boy : My teacher! (laugh some more)

He thought he was funny!!!!! My boiling point was right at the very top of my head that very moment, and I had to keep myself together and held myself back from smacking him in the head! I just said to him "you won't be anybody in the future if you keep on being rude. Sooner or later you'll get slapped by someone" and I walked away. That boy just kept quiet then. I know it wasn't my place to say those words but if his parents don't have the intention to teach their son, I can teach him the meaning of manners.

The second incident was when I was in a school in Shah Alam. I went to support my Mom's school for their Action Song, District Level. My Mom's school got second place and SK Bukit Jelutong got the first place. Although the girls were sad and disappointed, they still went up to SK Bukit Jelutong kids and congratulated them. Now, that's manners. However when they congratulated them, Bukit Jelutong kids just gave them smirks and said "loser" with their hand on their forehead, forming the "L" shape with their vicious little fingers. Of course, the girls from Mom's school cried! Seriously, don't these kids know how to say thanks? What have their parents and teachers been doing all this while? Or are their parents are as rude as their children? Because that's the only reason that makes sense, right? The fact that these kids are only 9 year olds makes it even worse. You haven't even reach puberty and your manners are already down the drain. How sad is that?

I know I'm not a parent, I don't have kids, I'm not even married. Heck, I'm only 20! But come on, manners and politeness are common sense! If their parents/teachers want to say that it's not easy to train their kids, then why did I know how to respect others? How did my parents do it? Why do the kids from my Mom's school know the courtesy of congratulate their own opponent even if they were so sad for losing to them? This really proves that some of the parents/teachers in this world don't train their kids at all. Or maybe the kids were just born to be snobbish. Who knows.


Sabrina Jasman said...

oh boy. that's so rude. this is sad. i hope my future children will not be like that :S

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yessss really really rude! I don't even know how to deal with these kinds of children. But no worries, you and your husband will surely raise your children well, seeing how you and your husband are well mannered people :)