April 9, 2012


My high school friends and I planned a sleepover last Friday and boy, was it fun! It's been awhile since I last been to a sleepover, so of course I was super excited for this one! We planned to cook ourselves rather than having dinner outside since cooking costs a lot less. Yes, we're cheapskates like that. Hehe. That, and we just thought cooking together would be fun. Fara and I were responsible to buy the ingredients and everything we needed that night. Fara fetched me at home and we went to Mydin to buy the things for our lasagna, mac & cheese, brownies and junk foods.

We arrived at Shera's late but that's okay. Because we all straight changed into our sleeping kaftans and hit the kitchen. The noise we made during the cooking session was indescribable. You would definitely call the cops to arrest us for making noises at midnight if you were Shera's neighbor. The lasagna and mac & cheese turned out okay. I expected better but they were eatable and at least they weren't completely tasteless. Besides, we were all starving by the time the meals were served, so we didn't really care how they tasted like, we just buried ourselves in the cheesy goodness in front of us. The next morning, I had two mini Toblerones for breakfast and last night's leftovers for brunch and 2 pieces of brownies with ice cream that we made earlier in the morning. I felt so unhealthy but I was enjoying the sleepover too much to even care. We ate brunch while watching a Malay movie by Afdlin Shauki. Then we played Monopoly Deal, which I *ehem* won both games. Hehe.

I had a really great time with them. Thanks girls <3

I wanted to post up the photos of all of us girls during the cooking session and everything but I can't as the girls aren't wearing their hijabs. Sorry!

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