April 28, 2012

Last weekend

I spent my whole entire weekend last week with my best friend in this whole entire world. Fara, who else. I slept over her house, went to her friend's birthday party, watched a movie at my house and went to her brother's birthday lunch. I had a really great time but when the weekend was over, I snapped back to reality and realized I had so many things to do! Like homework and assignments. That's why I forgot to update my blog! Sorry guys!

Anyways, I was suppose to sleepover at her house on Friday but we ended up watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai at my house until midnight. You know how Bollywood movies are... So I decided to postpone the sleepover to Saturday. We went to her friends birthday party Saturday evening and that night we had dinner at her uncle's place. We slept so late that night despite the fact that we were really tired and sleepy. We just couldn't stop talking! Even when the lights were off, we still talked in the dark. There are always things to talk about with Fara, no matter how often we see each other.

The next day, we went to her brother's birthday lunch at Bubba Gump. Truthfully, that was my first time eating there! Her brother had to stand on the chair and dance because it was his birthday. Hehe. I had a really great weekend with Fara and her family :)

 My outfit 
Tank top (worn inside) : Forever 21
Pink Boyfriend Blazer : H&M
Necklace : Forever 21
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins
Bag : Kate Spade
Shoes : Charlotte Russe 


Sabrina Jasman said...

loving that pink blazer! :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Thanks babe! :D