May 26, 2012


Before you rub it in my face, I admit. I've been M.I.A for a month. When I think back about it, that really sucks. To abandon my blog and my readers. I'm sorry! I've been busy with college because I was coming to the end of classes before my study leave, so everything, like tests, presentations and assignment submissions were all jumbled up in two weeks. So yeah, my last two weeks were a whole lot of mess and hassle. But I know I shouldn't make any excuses. 

This post isn't a real post neither. I'm just giving you guys a brief update and I promise everything that have been going on since I last updated my blog, will be posted soon! Pinky promise! Because as for now, it's 6.00 am and I haven't slept. Only had 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours. How crazy is that? I'm super tired right now, so I'll talk to you guys soon! xx

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