September 3, 2012

Mint green jeans

I've been searching for the perfect mint green jeans for so long that I almost give up! But before Raya, I went Raya shopping with Mom like usual and came across this beautiful green jeans. It's not really that minty green shade that I wanted but it's still pretty. And it's high waisted too, which is definitely a plus! 

Speaking of colored jeans, I've been obsessed with colored jeans this year! Couldn't hold myself back from buying every color I laid my eyes on. Every time I'm paying for a colored jeans, Mom will always  shake her head in disbelief. Well, blame fashion, not me. Hehe.


Deeya Cantabile said...

I have mint green one too from Dorothy Perkins! Yayy we're twins!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Deeya : Omg, I love the one from Dorothy! But they were out of my size that time so I got mine at Peacocks. Not the best jeans, but it's okay :/