September 29, 2012

Mom's Birthday

My mom is the only role model I had and have. She's the only woman I really look up to. Why? Because she's a superwoman. She takes care of 4 children, do all the works around the house, she cooks amazingly, she's a teacher (which to me, is the most sincere job in the planet), she can be best friends with her kids but can be really strict on certain cases as well (I'm not complaining, I swear! Hehe), she's a good listener, I can talk to her about anything & everything and there are a thousand more things I could list down but it's impossible because the list can go on forever. Basically, she's my superwoman. My heart and soul. My everything. 

It would be crazy if I didn't make her feel like a queen on her birthday. I mean, that's the least I could do, compared to all the sweats and efforts she put in to raise all my siblings and I. Dad had a meeting in Ipoh on her birthday, but he promised he'll be back on time for the birthday dinner I planned for Mom. Mom didn't know though, that Dad would be joining. She thought it would be just us girls ; herself, Nina, Fara and I. "It's going to be a girls night out and it's on me because it's your birthday," I told Mom. She hesitated at first, probably didn't have the mood to go for a celebration without Dad. However, Nina and I are really good at persuasion. So... Mom got ready for the dinner. 

In the car, I blindfolded Mom with my sleeping mask. Didn't want her to know I was actually tailing behind Zahir's car because I didn't know the way to the restaurant. When we arrived, we had to go up on a hill, and Mom was so nervous, saying things like 'are we hiking?' and 'are we in a forest? Because I swear I could hear crickets and I can smell the leaves!' We laughed so hard all the way from the car to the table. 

When we arrived at the table, Zahir, Zarif and Dad were already there and they've set up the table with balloons, cupcakes and flowers. 

 Mom's expression when I opened the blind fold was priceless. She straight away hugged me, I could see that she was sincerely happy that night. Mission accomplished! 

I love you, Mama. I wouldn't trade you with anything or anyone in this world. I will always include you and Dad in my prayers. Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner this year!


Nada Rahman said...

Alhamdulillah, God gave our parents another year and hope for many more years to come! you are blessed :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Nada : Thank you so much. Appreciate it :) xx