November 29, 2012

Look what came in my mail!

I've seen so many reviews on this product. So if you haven't heard of Lamor2, where have you been all this while? Hehe. 

I was excited to try this product mainly because my skin has been pretty dull lately. Usually during this time of year, I will be so stressed out because normally all my assignment submissions, presentations and tests are in November and December. So when November and December are here, my skin will get so dry and not healthy at all because I don't have time to worry about my skin or anything beauty wise when I have so many other things to do! That is why when a package that I've been waiting for came in my mail last week, I jumped.

Perfect timing! 

Basically Lamor2 is a product from South Korea that can make your skin better with the ingredients inside it. The ingredients are hyaluronic acid, a combination of caviar collagen, vitamin C, silk amino acids, calcium carbonate powder and the best part? It contains three berry powders (blackberry, cranberry and elderberry fruit). So unlike other products, this product actually tastes good and makes you FEEL good! Hyaluronic acid is said to be the medicine for wounds, burns, skin ulcers or it can even act as a moisturizer. 

Lamor2 promises to do these amazing things to your skin :

- Anti Wrinkle
- Natural Shaping
- Promote Hair Growth
- Calm and Soothe Over Stress Skin
- Restore Skin Elasticity and Firming
- Improve Moistunsation and Clarity of Skin
- Improve and Strengthen Immune System
- Promote Cell Epidermal Growth Factor

At first, I doubt that one product can actually do all these things to my skin. What more when I have never tried any supplements or collagen drinks because I was really scared to try on products that involve consuming because there might be side effects and I'm definitely not a risk taker. However, when I heard about Lamor2, my heart told me to just go with it and try the product. 

A box of Lamor 2 consists of 15 sachets which you have to drink one per day before your meal. I'm on my 6th day today and Alhamdulillah, there's no side effects at all so far! In fact, people have been noticing the difference on my skin because they have been asking me why my face looks a lot healthier and smooth. My answer? "Lamor2", with a smile. Hehe. It's amazing how by drinking one sachet of berry flavored drink everyday, my skin gets healthier. To receive compliments on it is definitely a plus too!

One sachet per day before your meal is enough!

Honestly, I started to feel the difference after 2 or 3 drinks. I realized I'm a lot more energetic after I drink Lamor 2. Usually, in the midst of these busy months, I will get down with a flu or a fever and I tend to sleep a lot because I feel tired and weak due to the workloads. But I managed to go through the beginning of my busy months without any signs of sickness or anything. I don't need to sleep during the evening anymore because the boost Lamor 2 gave me. This might sound personal, but I also noticed that I pee more after taking Lamor 2. A sign of cleansing, which is really good. So I recommend drinking lots of plain water to stay hydrated.

Oh and guess what? Lamor 2 is certified HALAL! So no worries, I am concerned too at first because I'm a Muslim. But fret not dear Muslims, it has proof on the box!

I don't know about you guys, but to me, Lamor2 is pretty amazing. I'm only on my 6th day though, so I can't really talk much about it but I'm loving it so far! I will definitely update you guys more on my skin, the effects and my experience after I've finished all 15 sachets (1 box) of Lamor 2. 

These are some of the FAQs about Lamor 2 :

Q: Are there two types of Lamor 2 in the market?
A: The tastes of fish collagen and soybean collagen are the same. Soybean collage is special for vegan and those who allergic to sea foods.

Q: Can Muslim drink the Lamor2?
A: Yes, they can. This is certified by Halal, the logo presented at the back of the box.

Q: Can those who have diabetes or high blood pressure use these products? If I drink the Lamor2, how long time I should wait before taking the pills of high blood pressure and diabetes ?
A: It is suggested to drink it before the breakfast. Take the pills after half an hour. For diabetes patient, it is suggested not to drink more than one pack. For the safety, it is suggested to consult doctor before drink it.

Q: What is the best time to drink Lamor2?
A: Lamor2 is mainly made up by collagen. It is suggested the best time to drink it is in the morning when your stomach is empty. It is also suggested to drink it before bed time as night is the time to repair the body tissue. Is it hard to understand, isn’t it ? P/S: You can drink it anytime you want to, we can’t guarantee your absorption ability as it is different each other.

QDoes it help in losing weight?
A: It is not a losing weight product, it helps to eliminate the edema and detoxification.

Q: It is suitable for pregnant women to drink?
A: No, this is the female hormone will be conditioning by the Silk Amino Acids (SAAs) in the drinks, so it is suggested not to drink it during the pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because it will cause the lack of breast milk due to the hormones conditioning. It is suggested to drink the Lamor 2 after one month the female stop breast breeding naturally unless the female takes pills to stop the breast breeding.

Q: How to identify if the stock is real or fake ?
A: By checking the silver colour barcode at the bottom of the box

Q: Is there any side-effect of drinking Lamor 2?
A: No, all the materials to produce Lamor 2 are natural ingredients.

Q: Is it a must drink for a long time? Is there any negative effects if I stop drinking it? Can I stop drinking it daily after I got the change?
A: No, it won’t be any negative effect if you stop drinking it. If there is a change, the problem is solved, you can drink one pack in two days.

Q: Can I drink it during the menstrual cycle?
A: Yes, it helps in nursing. It is suggested to drink it during the fourth and fifth day. This is because the loss of blood will affect the absorption. It is suggested personally to drink it after the period.

Q: After I ate the weight lost pills, can I drink Lamor2?
A: Yes, you can. Eat the weight lost pills after one or two hours you drink Lamor2 and 30 minutes or an hour before bed time. For the safety,it is better to consult docter.

Q: The functions of hyaluronic acid and collagen ?
A: Hyaluronic acid is good at maintaining the moisture of skins; and collagen is good at maintaining and improving the skin supporting.

Q: Is there any prove to show the present of hyaluronic acid?
A: Yes, at the back of the box, the HA Power represent the hyaluronic acid powder. Some of the consumers may doubt it, as the recipe of Coke and KFC, they won’t let everyone know it.

Q: Is there any proof for the doctor?
A: Lamor2 is certified by the health department. The ingredients list at the back of the box matched the ingredients that Lamor2 contains. GMP is the proof that by the health department. GMP is a certificate that recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1975 as good manufacture practice. The real certificate is the asset of the company, in order to avoid the abuse of unscrupulous businessmen, it won’t be showed except necessary time. If you don’t trust the products, you can bring the product to health department to check.

The price of Lamor 2 is RM 180.00 per box (15 sachets). But there is a promotion where if you buy 5 boxes, you'll get one box free at RM 900.00. And if you buy 10 boxes, you'll get 3 boxes for free at RM 1,800.00, inclusive postage.

If you are interested to try Lamor2, you can order via Facebook here.
Or you can contact Kevin : +6012-2713429 (SMS/ Whatapps only)

Disclaimer : I am contacted by Lamor 2 and the product was sent to me. However, I am not affiliated officially with Lamor 2 nor am I an agent of Lamor 2. I am not getting paid to review this product and no money will be transferred to me if you buy Lamor 2. I always review products based on my own experience and every content in this post are my own honest opinion.


Sabrina Jasman said...

oh wow u tried it too! he asked me to do a review on this, but I don't really consume any drinks etc cuz frankly, im scared that it might do something something to my body (padahal ok je kan Lamor ni -.-)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Sabrina : I was scared at first too, but I did some research and asked other bloggers and found out it's okay. And Alhamdulillah, so far it's working well :D