November 22, 2012


Good morning everyone! 

I'm eating my breakfast while typing this. It's a bowl of Lucky Charms, one of my favorite cereals ever! What's your favorite cereals?

Anyways, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. Yes, yes it's the time of year where I say 'I have a lot of assignments to do and tests are stressing me out!'. Same old, same old. But seriously though, assignments have been eating up my life lately. For one of the assignments, we need to draw a whole plan of township on our own. Ummm, hello? We're not town planners, we're real estate people. So why bother? That's the reason why we're not in Town Planning department, our hands aren't skilled to do all those things. If we were taught to draw plans from the beginning, I won't mind. But we weren't! We have completely zero knowledge on how to even hold the pencil to draw and they expect us to magically turn into skilled planners. That's just ridiculous if you ask me. On top of that, we are suppose to prepare a 70 pages of A3 sized report. And that's only one assignment.

Give me a minute so I can jump off a cliff. 

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