November 17, 2012


If you remembered, I updated my Packing! post a couple of weeks ago. I said I was going to tell you guys what's so 'interesting' on that trip right? Well, it didn't turn out as interesting as I expected, so I forgot all about it. But promise is a promise. Fun or not, I'm still going to tell you guys where I went and what's (not) interesting.

My family and I packed our bags for Penang. I've always loved Penang because of the food and because of Queens Bay Mall. What's so nice about Queens Bay Mall? I don't know why but I find their Forever 21 to be more fun than the ones we have here in the Klang Valley area. Maybe because in Penang, they have all these collections in my size. Compared to here, if I find a top that I like at Forever 21, the sizes left would be M, L or even XL. Forever 21 clothes are bigger cutting than normal ones so I can't really get away with an M. 

The main reason we went to Penang was because my cousin got hitched! I wasn't in the mood to travel though, so I wasn't really excited. But when Dad said he wanted to make the journey more adventurous, he booked train tickets for us. Yes, Penang with train. Dad wanted to get us the room with beds but they were all fully booked so Dad booked us the First Class seats, or so the website said. I was getting so excited because traveling that far by train isn't something we do often. Heck, I don't even ride LRTs to go to nearer places anymore. I've been on the train to Langkawi for a school trip but that was 9 years ago, I can barely remember. When we got onto the train though..

What first class seats??

I'm sorry but I can't find any nice way to describe the seats or the train. The train wasn't in a first class condition at all! I know it's old but at least maintain it, will ya? We went on the train at almost midnight, so we were supposed to sleep in the train and wake up at 6am when we arrive in Butterworth. But I only had two hours of sleep. First, the seat wasn't comfortable at all. Like, AT ALL okay! I think Air Asia's seats are not acceptable but this one was a hundred times worse! Second, I had the hardest time to fall asleep because I saw two bugs/insects or whatever they are called right by the window besides my seat. HELLO?! How can I sleep when I know there are two things running around beside me having fun? They might think my face is a playground when I'm sleeping! So na-ah, of course I won't sleep. Thank God I brought my laptop with me. I wasted the time by watching movies on my laptop, when the battery died on me, I took out my magazine and my iPod and wasted time doing that. When I finished reading the magazine, I didn't know what else to do, so I tossed and turned until we arrived. Imagine how many tosses and turns I had to go through! When we got off the train, I just told myself that it's okay. It's for the experience! I started to feel better by the time we got on the ferry to Penang Island. 

 Everything else after that went by fine. We came back home by plane. So that's okay I guess. So much better compared to the train, obviously. But like I said, at least I got to experience going on a train and everything. I just wish the trains in Malaysia are cleaned and maintained. That's all.

The wedding was a pretty one. I really love the maid of honor's dress but too bad she was too busy so I couldn't get a photo of her. Anyways, I wore the UN REVEUR Kebaya top that I'm so in love with. Been wearing it so much for weddings and stuff.


Oh and what's a wedding if I don't grab a cute kid to take photos with me? Hehe.

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