November 17, 2012

Follow me on NuffnangX!

If you guys haven't notice, there's a new banner on my side bar. It's the NuffnangX banner! I may be a little bit late on this but I just found out about NuffnangX! Basically, it's an app that you can download from your phone if you love reading blogs! Keep updated with your favorite blogs via NuffnangX. It's so much easier to access and read blogs on there! 

As you can see on my 'news feed', I already followed one of my good friends here on Blogger, Sabrina! Well, because I love her blog! 

When you created an account on NuffnangX, you can follow blogs from there and you'll get updated on the newest posts of the blogs you follow. You can also favorite posts you like and if you have a blog of your own, you can claim the blog on there too! So if anyone leaves a comment on your blog or favorite one of your posts, you'll get notification straight to your phone. How cool is that? And that's not even the best part yet! 

There's also a tab in the down bar for 'conversations'. This tab is for  readers to communicate easily with the bloggers. It's like chatting but through blogs. When a person starts a conversation, the blogger will get a notification like a text message and he/she can reply straight to the reader through this app. So basically, it's like text messaging but more fun because it's among bloggers and readers.

So if you like blogging or reading blogs, you should go and download NuffnangX right now! Oh by the way, it's a free app which is awesome! Who doesn't love free apps right? Because I know I do! Hehe.

Follow me on NuffnangX here
You can read more about NuffnangX here.

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