June 23, 2013

Vanity Trove x Avene Pink Carpet Bloggers Event

Last Saturday, I attended an event hosted by Vanity Trove, collaboration with the brand Avene at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar. I vlogged the whole day, so if you want to check that out, click here

Anyway, I think by now all of you should know how much love I have for Vanity Trove. If you're new to my blog, you can check out all my unboxing Vanity Trove videos here, and you will definitely know how obsessed I am with this beauty trove. When I received the invite to an event hosted by them, of course I had to RSVP right away, even though I know I had my final exams during that week. What more when I saw that the event will be a collaboration with Avene. I flipped!! I went to a skin doctor last year and was told that I have a mild eczema problem. The doctor gave me this small paper with 'Avene' written on it and said 'go to any pharmacies and ask for this brand. Use it as your skincare, it's really good'. So I bought the products and loved it! But I changed to MooGoo now because I'm all about trying out new products. So... I might change my skincare back to Avene after this! Back to the event, I mean, come on, who would miss this amazing event? I know I wouldn't, so the next thing I know, I was out, hunting for a new outfit for the event. 

They had two sessions on that day and I chose the first session which was at 10.30am until 12.30pm. I arrived late though. No surprises there.... It was really embarrassing because by the time I arrived, everyone was seated and had their own seats with their friends. I arrived late and I came alone. Guhreaatt *giveselfapatintheback* Luckily, I was welcomed by this super friendly lady who ushered me to my seat. My table was located in front, the first table actually. With me around the table were three other beauty bloggers that I've never met before. So that was fun, making new friends with people who do what I do too. The first part of the event was a talk by some of Avene's team members, explaining very thoroughly and in depth about Avene. With every words they spoke, I learnt more and more about this brand. I was so embarrassed by the fact that I've always pronounced it as 'A-vin' when the correct way to pronounce is actually 'A-ven'. 

A little fun fact : Avene is based in France and it all started with the famous Thermal Spring Water and now they have various lines of skincare for different types of skin and they also have a treatment centre where people can enjoy skin treatment and consultation. How awesome is that? Also, all Thermal Spring Water are bottled straight from the source of the spring! So there is nothing else in the bottle, just the natural spring water. We were also told by the Avene consultant that we can even drink the water! But of course, it would be kind of weird to spray your mouth with it, so we all refused to drink it when the consultant asked us to. Hehe. To know more about the Avene Thermal Spring Water and its uses, click here.

After the explanation, complete with slideshows and a video about Avene's history and product, they taught us how to take care of our skin using Avene's products and this is when the interesting part came. All of us in the room got to experience Avene's product right then and there because they didn't just taught us step by step, they also provided us with products and other necessary tools for us to have hands on experience ourselves. It was so much fun to see all of us remove our make up, cleanse and slapped on the DIY facial mask made with the Thermal Spring Water on our faces.

Here are the steps :

1) The first step to do is to remove your make up!

Micellar Lotion, Cleanser and Make up Remover 
for sensitive skin prone to redness

2) Next, cleanse your face!

Gentle Milk Cleanser,
for dry to very dry sensitive skin

3) Time for the mask!!


All you have to do is take a mask, a dry one without anything on it and spray it with the Thermal Spring Water, put it on your face, spray it some more so it'll stick on your face and there you have it. Your own facial mask! Leave it for 10-15 minutes, remove the mask and you'll feel so fresh, I'm not even kidding! 

4) Of course we need to tone our faces with the toner

Gentle Toner,
for dry and very dry sensitive skin

5) Moisturizing your face is very important! Even if you have oily skin, it's still necessary for you to put on moisturizer!

 Rich Compensating Cream,
for dry and very dry sensitive skin

6) Hold on! That's not the end of the routine! Most women and girls always forgot that the UV from the sun is very bad for our skin. It's very important for us to protect our faces from the sun, especially for us who live in Malaysia where the sun is always scorching hot. So don't forget to apply some sun block

Very High Protection Emulsion with SPF50+,
(very water resistant)
for normal to combination sensitive skin

There you have it! Those are the steps you need to take with your skin care and after you have done all the steps above, you can either spray your face with Avene's Thermal Spring Water again or you can apply your make up like normal and spray the Avene Thermal Spring Water when you're done with your make up to set your make up. I always use the Thermal Spring Water to set my make up and it holds my make up for the whole day, I'm serious!

Avene's skin care line has everything from the make up remover, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and the sun block! They have them all for various types of skin as well! Tell me, how convenient and awesome is that? 

I asked the Avene consultant on which range of Avene skin care should I use and she told me I need to use the 'dry to very dry sensitive skin' range because I have eczema and my skin gets dry and flaky sometimes. So all the pictures of the products I used during the workshop are the ones that suit my skin the most. If you want to know which range suits your skin, you should check out all the ranges that Avene has and ask the consultants to help you pick out the best one for you. 

My face felt so fresh and light after the workshop! 
I couldn't stop spraying my face with the Thermal Spring Water the whole day too. 

When all of us were done with the workshop, we were invited to help ourselves with the food provided for us. I was cleaning up after myself and tidying up the mess on my table when someone came up to me and said hi. I turned, and.... Wiida was standing there with a smile. I straight away stood up and hugged her of course! I've always been a fan of her blog, so it was really a pleasure to meet her finally! I joined her table after that and she introduced me to other bloggers at the table. So there were Kak Sabby, Farah and Kak Nanie. They were all sooooooo nice and I was really glad I joined their table. Although it was our first time meeting each other, the table was full with laughter. I really enjoyed their company and I hope that won't be our last time meeting each other! 

Okay, so now for some outfits of the day and links to the bloggers I met that day!

Top : Zara
Maxi Skirt : H&M
Nail Color : Elianto 05 Green Splash

They are all so pretty, MasyaAllah! Even prettier in person :)

 Oh, and I also met Winnie! One of the Vanity Trove team's member whom I always keep in touch with. She's such a sweetheart! 
If you're reading this, Hi Winnie! *waves*

 The event was so much fun because everyone was really nice and friendly!

By the way, if you're wondering what's in my door gift/trove from the event, you can check out my vlog, I unboxed the door gift in the car because 'patience' is never in my dictionary! Haha :p

If you want to subscribe to Vanity Trove, here are their links :

Vanity Trove's website : https://www.vanitytrove.com/my
Vanity Trove's Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/VanityTroveMY
Vanity Trove's Instagram : @VanityTroveMY

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