November 1, 2013



Some of you girls asked me about make up organizers and what's a better way to store your make up than in acrylic organizers? They are neat and solid, you can see through them so you don't need to rummage through everything to find your MAC lipstick for the day. Last weekend I asked on Twitter and Facebook whether anyone would be interested in acrylic make up organizers and some of you liked that idea!

Therefore, I decided to make it easy for you guys and sell these babies! You can order through :

Facebook : Ayeen Kadir (Facebook Page, NOT my personal Facebook)
Twitter : @AyeenK
Email :
WeChat : ayeenkadir

- This is pre-order based, so orders will be closed every Friday
- Payments must be made prior to Friday every week
- Payments made after Fridays will be considered as the following week's order, meaning the product will be shipped the following week. 
- If you prefer COD rather than shipping, I can only deliver to areas around : 

1) Subang Jaya (Additional RM 3.00)
2) Shah Alam (Additional RM 3.00)
3) Bukit Jelutong (Additional RM 3.00)
4) University of Malaya (Additional RM 5.00

If you want to propose areas other than the ones listed above, you can ask me and I'll consider according to my schedule and additional fees will be charged based on the areas.

- Shipping fees vary from RM 6.00 to RM 8.00, depends on the products ordered.

 RM 45.00 EACH
(Excluding shipping)

Lipstick holder

 24 slots : RM 28.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

12 slots : RM 18.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

9 slots : RM 18.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

8 slots : RM 15.00 EACH (Excluding shipping) 

RM 38.00 EACH
(Excluding shipping)

3 drawers : RM 77.00 each EACH (Excluding shipping)

2 drawers : RM 66.00 EACH (Excluding shipping) 

3 drawers : RM 95.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

1 drawer : RM 75.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

3 drawers : RM 95.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

2 drawers : RM 90.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

1 drawer : RM 75.00 EACH (Excluding shipping) 

RM 16.00 EACH (Excluding shipping)

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PwettyPearl said...

Hi there!Yg organizer 3 drawer with lipstick slots tu available lg x? :)