November 6, 2013

Antipodes Natural Mineral Make Up Lauch @ Pacific Coffe, Fahrenheit88

Last Wednesday, I was invited by Winnie from Vanity Trove to go to the Antipodes New Scientific Plus Natural Make Up Launch at Pacific Coffee, Fahrenheit88 in Kuala Lumpur. When her WhatsApp mentioned ‘mineral make up’, I couldn’t resist and I totally lost my cool. I replied with a quick ‘yes, of course I’d love to!!!!!’ I mean, let’s face it. We al love make up, we all like to doll up and cover those blemishes we have on our faces with make up. But to actually find a perfect suit for your skin is pretty darn difficult if you ask me. What more when your skin is super sensitive like mine? The only way to play safe is to go for natural mineral make up because the ingredients in these kinds of products are made from natural things, no chemical, no artificial fragrances and what not. Hence, no irritations or allergies will be faced by sensitive skin girls (Read : ME). But natural make up is not only good for sensitive skin; it is actually good for every type of skins since hello? It’s NATURAL? Need I say more? So, who can ever say no to natural mineral make up? I know I can’t!

I had classes on the day of the event but according to my schedule it should last until 1PM. But whaddayaknow? It got dragged and with the traffic, I arrived later than I should have. Such a bad impression to the people there, I know. I don’t know why but when I have important events like this, I always caught myself in the middle of a major traffic or some other problem that magically rises on important days. *SIGH* When I arrived, I rushed in my heels and thank God the event hadn’t started because they were waiting for other people too. I was just glad I wasn’t the last person to arrive. Ha!

After the guy at the registration table ticked “Ayeen Kadir, Blogger” off his list in his hands, I got my door gift and searched for Winnie, which took me only seconds to spot. She is a beautiful person, this Winnie and she was sitting right in front, the first row. I took the seat beside her and waited for the event to start while chit chatting with other bloggers.

The event started with the Antipodes’ manager from New Zealand (Fun Fact : Antipodes is a brand from New Zealand), Michelle. Michelle then took the floor and gave a brief talk about the brand itself, the products Antipodes had came up with all these years and how Antipodes is good for your skin. It was ironic though, when Michelle started to introduce this brand, she mentioned ‘Antipodes’, pronouncing it like “En-ti-pe-dis” and I told myself in my mind, “Gosh, good thing I didn’t talk to people here about the brand yet since I would have said it like “en-ti-pods”. That would have been so embarrassing!” That was when I heard whispers from behind me saying “oh, I thought it was pronounced like “en-ti-pods”!”  I then looked back to the other bloggers, smiled and said, “I know right?!” Well, I wasn’t the only one after all. I should really check how a brand is pronounced correctly before going to events after this because this isn’t the first time. Remember my Avene experience? I’m so bad at pronouncing brand names, Forgive me!

During the brief from Michelle, I found out a lot of useful information about Antipodes and the new line they just launched on that day itself. I will highlight the important ones here in this post. Firstly, we were told the story and history behind Antipodes. Basically, Antipodes was found in the year 2006 by Elizabeth Barbalich, who is a Wellingtonian, the capital city of New Zealand. Antipodes is certified organic with 100% natural ingredients and it is also certified vegetarian by the Vegetarian Society of United Kingdom, the oldest vegetarian organization in the world. Certified vegetarian in this context means the products by this brand are not opposed to animal testing like some beauty products in the market. One of the ingredients in Antipodes skin care products is Anti-Ageing Antioxidants called Vinanza. Vinanza is a natural botanical extracts from New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc grape seeds that was proven to contain the highest level of antioxidants. There are several types of Vinanzas that Antipodes includes in their products which are :

i)              Vinanza Grape
-       Will improve elasticity and firmness in skin by 16%
-       Preventing moisture loss

ii)             Vinanza Kiwi
-       Extracts come from the skin of kiwi fruits
-       Acts as a gentle exfoliator
-       Protects from oxidative stress

iii)           Vinanza Performance Plus
-       Featuring kiwi fruit seeds and antioxidant-packed grape seeds
-       Natural anti-ageing
-       Decreases transepidermal water loss
-       Moist skin and keeps it hydrated
-       Decreases the melanin production that can cause freckling and pigmentation

iv)           Vinanza Oxifend
-       Extracts from sustainable harvested New Zealand pinot noir grapes
-       Scientifically proven to inhibit activity in skin cells, helping reduce the erythema or redness in skin
-       Helps keep cells healthy and oxidized

We were briefed about the skin care line that Antipodes is known for. Their skin care products are also natural. In fact every each one of Antipodes products’ ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s nature. Each of the products has very exotic and unique scents to them because the fragrances are not artificial. Now, 7 years later, Antipodes has developed a range of 26 skincare products, 5 natural mineral foundations and 6 lipsticks. Antipodes is also well known and can be found on the shelves in the market in countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, UK, Italy, Canada, Slovenia, France, Australia and of course, New Zealand. Antipodes products are sold all over these countries in international department stores like Whole Foods Market, Selfridges UK, Sephora as well as online retailer, ASOS. These stores are very well known internationally, making Antipodes very accessible throughout the world.

As for the new make up range from Antipodes that the event was all about, it’s called the Antipodes Scientific Natural Make Up where the range includes :

i)              Performance Plus Mineral Foundation with Natural SPF 17
-       Availabe in hues : Pale Pink, Light Yellow, Medium Beige and Tan

ii)             Performance Plus Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder (Translucent)

iii)           The Lipsticks To Rock Your World Collection
-       Hungry Like The Wolf (blood red)
-       April Sun In Cuba (red-orange)
-       Hit Me With Your Best Shot (high pink)

iv)              The Aroha Natural Mineral Lipstick Collection
-       Remarkably Red (rose red)
-       Boom Rock Bronze (brown red)
-       Dusky Sound (vintage pink)



From top to bottom :
- Remarkably Red
- Boom Rock Bronze
- Dusky Sound
- Hungry Like The Wolf
- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
- April Sun In Cuba

Other photos from the event : 

With Jennie & Cindy

With the gorgeous Winnie from Vanity Trove!

Wanna know what I got in my goodie bag?
And want more reviews and details about Antipodes products?
That will be up soon here on my blog! So stay tuned!

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If you are living in Malaysia, you can get your Antipodes products from TNS Skin Lab stores. Skin Lab stores are located at these locations :

Farenheit 88, LOT 1-12, First Floor (Tel : 03-2148 6682)
Mid Valley Mega Mall, F080, First Floor (Tel : 03-2284 3881)
Hartamas Shopping Centre, G23C, Ground Floor (Tel : 03-6201 6810)
Publika @ Solaris Dutamas, K1, Level G2 (Tel : 03-6207 8982)
The Curve, K-F7-D, First Floor (Tel : 03- 7726 6098)
Paradigm Mall, CF29, Concourse Floor (Tel : 03-7886 8792)
AEON Bukit Tinggi, G40 (Tel : 03-3326 2819)
AEON Tebrau City, G46 (Tel : 07-3511 721)
AEON Kinta City, G03 (Tel : 05-5464 778)
Queensbay Mall, 1F-65 (Tel : 04-6461 819)
Langkawi Parade, Shop Lot 12, Level 2 (Tel : 04-966 8266)

Customer Care Hotline : 603 6204 3888

Facebook : mytnsskinlab

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