November 4, 2014

Gimme Brow!

I have my days. Sometimes I feel like dolling up, so I'll take out all my make up products and went crazy. By the time I finish, my vanity table will look like a tornado just ran pass it. From the very base, to the foundation, to the heavy coloured eyelids, face contouring, blusher and bright lips. Oh believe me, when I'm in the mood, I'll go all the way. All. The. Freaking. Way.

But let me tell you, if my "lazy" mood is on, it's definitely ON! I'll only put the most basic make up on my face ; the eyeliner. Eyeliner is very important if you ask me because without it, I'll look like I'm sick and pale. My eyes automatically become 3 times smaller without lining those lash lines. So, if you see me out and about looking sick, 99% chance is because I'm not wearing eyeliner and 1% possibility I'm actually sick. 

These few months I've been in this "lazy" mood a lot. What with the busy life I have these past few months, never have I been lazier! One day, I decided to not go through the hassle of lining my lash lines because a) I was too lazy (duh!) and b) because it takes time and effort to really get the perfect winged line. So I decided to skip everything else except my brows. I have not-so-nice eyebrows naturally, so I have to fill them in, obviously. However this one time, I was extremely lazy so I decided to not fill them in like I always do but just brush through them with my Benefit's Gimme Brow. 

Usually, I'll fill them in with some brows wax or eyeshadow to define them more before applying Gimme Brow. Not this time though. This girl is too lazy to waste probably 1 minute of her life to define her brows. I was hoping my brows will look somewhat decent, if not good. Guess what? My brows looked amazing! Yes, without defining them prior to applying Gimme Brow! I didn't know I can just apply Gimme Brow on its own and my brows will look as nice. It won't look as done up as when I fill them in but it looks nice and natural. Like I actually have natural filled brows!

It was as though I just found a new light in life. Haha okay, maybe that was too exaggerated but in all seriousness, I could have saved a few minutes every morning for the rest of my life if defining my eyebrows is not a necessity. 

So now my "lazy days" have become worse. Skipping the eyeliner wasn't an option before but now it's like a norm to me. I don't even care if my eyes are 3 times smaller anymore. Do you want to know what I can't leave the house without now? The existence of my brows. Well, the "fake" existence of them, I mean. What I have to do every morning before leaving the house is take out my Gimme Brow and brush them through each of my brows, which takes only half a minute. 

Oh gosh, what have I become? What's next? Total bare face out in public???

Perhaps, one day. We'll never know how lazy I can be. 

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