November 26, 2014

Positive Vibes

"Surround yourself with good people and positive vibes."

I have always believed that when you surround yourself with the right kind of people, you'll be fine. Some people often say that they don't get influenced easily by the people they hang out with but who are we kidding? Humans will always be humans. You can't run from being humans. Like it or not, we are easily influenced directly or indirectly by the people we surround ourselves with. 

Ever notice how your laugh changes when you hang out with one person a lot more? Notice how you sometimes feel it's okay to wear that skirt when you used to think it was too short for you when you hang out with a person who thinks the skirt is okay for you to wear? Notice how your accent will also change depending on who you're talking to? People around you has the power to indirectly influence you no matter how hard you try to deny it. Just admit it, guys. I am done being in denial, I think it's time for you to stop too. 

I used to think, I'm a strong individual. I can hang out with anyone and they will never have an affect on me. Well, I know I'm not always right but this time, I'm so wrong. Seriously, anyone who thinks they are not affected by the people around them, you should yell to yourself "wake up!" loudly so it'll wrap around your brain and let it sink in. Hehe. Okay that's a bit too exaggerating, huh?

All my life, I have never been a person who has a lot of friends. I always hang out with the same group of friends and confine myself into a certain circle of friends. I'm not saying that they're bad influence. No, I love them to death but all I'm saying is that I was wrong in the sense that I shouldn't have limit myself to only those group of friends. We hang out with each other in class, outside and even in dorm rooms. Basically, everywhere! So eventually, we are all becoming each other and became too comfortable. This isn't a good sign because once everyone in the circle is influenced by each other, then all of you would think similarly, therefore the opinions will be limited. How can you seek for different opinions and advices if all of you think alike? Trust me, that friend who you always hang out with will say "You did the right thing!", even if you did something stupid and very wrong. Why?

Easy. Because you think alike.

To surround yourself with positive vibes is one thing. To have a wide circle of friends is another thing. I'm not saying you should go out and socialize every other day. God, no. I'm just saying you should make friends with everyone and from there, you can see who are the ones you need to avoid and who are the ones that can bring positive vibes into your life. 

If you just realized that you have been limiting yourself to the same group of friends and that you and your friends think alike, well it's time for you to meet new people. There might be some risks to be friends with someone new because we don't know if they are sincere to be your friend or they have a different agenda but that's what life is all about. Taking the chances and risks to learn from mistakes. And believe me, I understand when you think "why would I find new friends when my friends now are cool?". Well guys, like I mentioned, you will never see the real world if you don't broaden your network. You will never know what other professions think of a certain situation or how others would react to solve a certain problem. Every person has a different way of solving and thinking. Don't you think it's worth it to be friends with different people from different backgrounds so you'll get different opinions according to their own personal experiences? Now, is that not something awesome? To learn new things every day just by talking to different kind of people? I think that's great because knowledge will never run out, unless you limit yourself to gain that knowledge. 

I realized all this after I finished my Foundation. All my 19 years of life at that time, I had been hanging out with the same people. I wasn't going anywhere and I wasn't developing at all. I was stuck in a cocoon and I didn't even know it. But when it hit me, I started to be friends with everyone and made sure that I keep in touch with the ones I know I can trust. I realized that I gained a lot of stories, opinions and knowledge from just talking to these new people. I don't even have to organize a slumber party to get to know them. All I have to do is talk to them, ask them questions, be more friendly to new people. It isn't that hard!

However, sometimes the people that you call "friends" are not even true friends. I've faced with so many hypocrites and so called "true friends" when all they do is sending negative aura into my life. They will make fun of my passion, they will be sarcastic about my videos and you know, stuff that they think is funny but are certainly not funny to me. I still call them my friends but I know that I won't lose anything if I don't keep in touch with them that often. There are better people out there who believe in me and my dreams, who are always there to support me. 

Yesterday, I had a date with two beautiful bloggers, Kak Innanie from Blog Coklat Eyes & Kak Sabby from Sabby Prue. I knew these two ladies from the Internet, of course but I met them for the first time at an event (I vlogged during the event. You can watch the vlog here) and we've been friends ever since. 

Although I don't always join them for outings or events because I had always been the "loner" when it comes to blogger/vlogger events. I always go to events alone, doing my own thing. But that's just so wrong. People would think I'm snobbish but really, I was actually really humbled because I know I'm not as big as they are in the blogging world. But after yesterday, I realized how foolish I was because in this world, there's no such thing as who has the most followers or who always get the job from clients. We are all in this together. We share the same passion, we share a lot of things but we all come from different backgrounds and we've all been through our own experiences. 

Let me tell you, it was such a crazy day for us three because one moment we were karaoke-ing and laughing our butt off but then the waiters at Dome found us crying the next moment. We had so much to tell, from funny stories to all the emotional stories. I hadn't had that much fun for so long and it felt so good to share stories between us. I missed them a lot and I just realized that when I hugged them the moment we met yesterday. 

Oh man this is a very long and emotional post! Hehe anyway, I just want to get this out of my chest because I think everyone should not limit themselves in any way. Don't put a limitation in whatever you do because that will not allow you to grow as an individual. 

Remember, be nice to everyone and be a lifetime learner ;)


Sabby Prue said...

awww sweetheart, you got me crying by end of the post. :'( Remember what we talked about, what's important in your life, HAPPINESS. do things that make you happy, broaden your network, make more friends, ignore negative vibes around you, create opportunities for yourself. Don't be bother what people say about you, they don't worth your time. It's true when you surround yourself with positive people, you will grow as a person. Remember that passion will keep us alive. Do what you want, embrace your talent. Love you! I see you soon ok? *hugsss*

Ayeen Kadir said...

Kak Sabby! You made me change my perspective in life. There are so much more for me to learn out there but I am confident I can do it if I am consistent, if I'm passionate about it and of course, with the support from the people in my life, including you. I know I will be happy if I do this because it intrigues me in so many good ways and I don't mind working hard for it because I love it. I can never thank you enough. Love you too! See you soon! x

Innanie Ariffin said...

Ayeen, setiap apa yang telah Allah temukan dan tentukan ada sebab dan hikmahnya tersendiri. Akak yakin Ayeen boleh berjaya dengan setiap pilihan Ayeen. Insya Allah, kami ada disini :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

InsyaAllah, Kak Nanie! Thank you for your support and percaya Ayeen boleh :) Sayang awak <333