December 20, 2014

Style Saturday : Londoners Style Winter 2014

Okay so this post was on my draft for almost  one week. Forgive me!!

I was in London for just one week but I have seen so many styles while I was there. Everyone looks great all the time there in London. Even the hobos sitting on the cold hard floor outside the underground stations have style. I'm not being sarcastic but it's the truth! 

But in the course of one week, I noticed something about Londoners style. Something that can't be missed by anyone because it's really obvious. I started noticing this the second day I was there - they are fond of earth colors. I don't know if it's because it's winter or something but the majority wears really basic colors like black, navy blue or white. There are some exceptions, of course. Once in a while I would see a lady wearing a bright leopard printed fur jacket or a guy wearing green pants but most of the time it's black all the way. However this doesn't mean their style is not interesting because it's actually the other way around! Their style is very casual chic with a sense of elegance. Like, I got excited to just stare at people's outfits in the tube, I'm not kidding. 

So I decided to put all the pieces I saw while I was in London that I find appealing in this post. 

#1 Floppy Hats

How can you not see this and fall in love instantly? Floppy hats can give your whole outfit the elegant look immediately. It's so feminine that you can actually pair this with the edgiest outfit in your wardrobe and you will still look feminine. 

I kept staring at people's heads that I decided to purchase my own floppy hat so I can stare at my own head in the mirror. Lol.

I feel really dutchess-esque wearing it and I love it!!

#2 Snow Hats with Pom Poms

Still with the hat trend, I saw a lot (and I mean, a lot!) of Londoners wearing this type of hat. I don't know what it's actually called but I call it pom pom snow hats, so we're just going to use that term right now okay? 

I've seen so many style of this hats in London; knitted ones, pastel colored ones, the ones with bright colored pom poms and some even have wordings on it like "SELFIE", "ONE DIRECTION", "NEW YORK" and many more!

I couldn't resist but to buy me one as well! Mine says "Chic", got it from Primark for just £3.50!

#3 Fur Head Gear

Okay, this has got to be my most favorite among all the head gear trends! This fur head bands are everywhere in London! People on the streets and on the shelves in Topshop, H&M, River Island. Basically everywhere! I had the hardest time to decide whether I should purchase one but after like, 3 days of thinking, I figured I wouldn't wear it in Malaysia anyway and who knows whether it will still be in trend the next time I travel to a cold country. So..... I did not buy it.

But boy, when I got home, I couldn't be more regretful. I should have just bought it, regardless of whether I would wear it here in Malaysia or elsewhere. It's just so pretty!!!

#4 Quilted Black Boots
Okay, so this is by far the item I've seen the most the whole time I was there. I know I said "this is everywhere in London!!" for most of the fashion pieces here but! This has got to be the one. I literally see at least about 3 people wearing these boots every single day. That has to prove something right? 

Of course I saw different ones from different brands but they were all quilted, goes up right below the knees, black and with buckles. If you are in London and would like to purchase these boots, I saw one at Selfridges which probably was about £20-£40 and I tried a pair of similar ones at Primark for £10. I didn't buy it though because when I tried them, I already had like 2 pairs of boots in my shopping bag at that time and 3 pairs of shoes in my luggage back at the apartment. So.... it was only logic to pass on that. 

But now I'm regretting it... I mean, it was only £10, guys!!! What did I have to lose (besides the money)???

#5 Puffy Jacket with Fur Hoodies

There are a few of people who wore suede trench coats and fur jackets, but this is what you will definitely see most people wear if you walk around London. I'm guessing this is because of London's rainy weather during the winter. It rained most of the time while I was there. Although the rain wasn't as heavy as Malaysia, but because it's winter and when you add on the rain to the winter temperature, you won't even feel your hands anymore. I think it's because this type of jacket are water proof and it's lighter to wear during the rainy days.

I brought this in my luggage with me from Malaysia. I didn't know this was still gonna be in style when I packed this in my suitcase but hey, everyone was wearing it so that's a plus point for me!

#6 Wellies

I have been absolutely IN LOVE with wellington boots for the longest time ever, especially the ones from Hunter. However, I've never put myself around to buy them, I have no idea why. 

I was walking down the streets of Bayswater when I saw a huge sign saying "HALF PRICE" on top of a pair of the exact Hunter boots I wanted. The green pair. I didn't even hesitate for a second, I just dashed inside the store and asked for my size. When I tried them on, I knew it was fate. They had my size, they were half price and they had it in the color I wanted. Yes, I immediately paid for it feeling content. 

Up to this day, I have not worn it yet and it's been what? 2 weeks already? Oh well, that's normal for girls right? They want something so bad, when they finally got it, they feel like it's too previous to see the day light and the outside world so we tend to just keep them in our closets. That's normal for us girls, right?? Or is it just me? #oops

What's your favorite winter pieces and trends? Let me know on the comment section! 


Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

what about scarves? something they wrap around their neck camtu. ada? i suka style tuu haha

Najlaa 'Aqilah

Ayeen Kadir said...

Najlaa', ada! But not that many people wear it masa I dekat sana. Kalau ada pun like the normal knitted ones. Nothing unusual so I tak include in this post hehe