December 6, 2008

Future day

Went to Education Fair in PWTC today with Daddy and Nina while Mommy accompany Irfan at home. When we stepped inside, thousands and thousands of bodies passing by. It was as crowded as a concert. We pushed our way through the swarm of people and went to one booth to another. In the end, I find the most interesting college is Technology Park Malaysia College, my brother's college. I know, you guys will think, arent there any other colleges ? But after cramping my feet in my 4 inches wedges browsing, Im not really interested in any other colleges. I was thinking about doing American Degree, a twinning progamme in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration which I will spend 2years studying here in Malaysia and 2years in The States. Me likeyyy :D Im thinking about joining the January intake which is more reasonable for me. Furthermore, I want to finish my studies as soon as I can and they only ask for like, 5credits for my forecast including English, Math and I must pass my Bahasa Melayu. So Im qualified as I have 6As and none fail for my forecast. But anyhow, I have to ask for my parents opinion first. I already have the green light from mommy and half of the green light from daddy. Lol. Im scared but excited at the same time to be called a college student. I would have to stay in the college's hostel for my first semester, which I still cant do anything about. And the thought of college's life, new environment, new friends, new subjects. God ! Can I survive ?

Went for a swim with Nina this evening and the pool could'nt be any colder ! I was practically frozen in the pool. Oh and going to Pyramid with Zhr tomorrow before he goes to Indonesia next Tuesday. Going to watch Wildchild (:
Im tired of walking the whole day, so I guess Im going to get some rest now. Toodles ! (:

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