December 3, 2008

Goodbye highschool dramas, Hello Life

I'm through, through, through ! IM FINAAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY DONEEE ! The last 15minutes of my Economics paper was seriously the longest 15minutes in my life ! Haha. Well, I was looking forward to meet Zhr later on. So yeah (:

Despite my Accounts paper last Monday, I went to watched Bolt with my family the day before. After watching Bolt, I have a new interest in cute dogs. Haha Bolt's soooooo cute, I couldnt resist ! :D I even turned my cat into Bolt with the lightning on his body and the collar on his neck. Sooooo cute !

Today, after finishing my last paper, I was so eager to go back to get ready. I planned to meet Zhr, Fara, Nana and Ijal at Midvalley today. So, as soon as I reached home, I quickly took a shower in mommy's bathroom since Nina's in the other bathroom. And if Nina's in, believe me, I'll have to wait another couple of hours to get myself clean. I took just about half an hour to get ready compared to my usual one hour. That's because I've chosen my outfit the night before. After getting ready, I called Zhr and he was already downstairs in the lobby at my house. So I went down, Mom and Dad sent us to Midvalley since taking the train will take such a long time to get to Midvalley. We met up with the others when we arrived. When I saw Fara, I hugged her and apologised about how I acted last night. We had a fight. I cried so hard because I felt like she was ditching me. Lucky Zhr's there for me last night. Thanks baby (: After meeting up with them, We split up and Zhr and I went to Sushi King to have our lunch. I was starvinggg ! After bloating up my stomach, we walked, up and down, round and round the mall. Haha then we decided to watch a movie. We watched Twilight. And I thought it was a scary movie. Turned out that its soooo not. Haha. But it was okay, kind of slow but interesting. Maybe because Zhr's beside me, thats what making it interesting ? Haha I meant, just the presence of him makes me happy :D After movie, around 6.40pm, we wandered around the mall again, hunting for a wallet and a shirt for Zhr. Unfortunately, nothing caught our eyes. When the clock hit 8, we went to the KTM station which we had trouble finding seeing how we both never went there with train. Actually, I have but I couldnt remember. But dont blame me, it was like, 2years ago, totally not my fault. Haha In the train, Zhr made jokes and mocked people around. I couldnt stop laughing ! Haha As we arrived in Subang Jaya, we went to Carrefour and I called mommy to fetch us and mommy said we're going straight to Ikea. We waited at Starbucks and ordered my favourite Choc Cream Chip. Yummmyy :) Mommy and Daddy arrived, we went to Ikea. My first time, Ikea with Mr Boyfieee :D Come to think of it, Midvalley was my first real date with Zhr ! :) Arrived at Ikea, Zhr and I went straight to check on the reastaurant in Ikea. But since it was 940, ofcourse its closed. We went down to where mommy and daddy were shopping for stuffs. Daddy suggested that we go to dinner later on. Went to William Restaurant, I dont know where, but the food were soooooooooooooo freakingly delicious ! I ate a plate of spaghetti cabonara, where the plate was bigger than my head :O So I shared with Zhr while Dad and Mom shared a plate of fried rice. We ate so much. I never eat as much as I did tonight for so long. All four of us mocked the people next to our table. Some uncle with really shiny bald head. Hahaha. At 11.40pm, we felt the tiny drops of rain so we got up and went back. Approximately at 12, we sent Zhr back home. I was sad to send him back, but hey, I spent the whole day with him today. And seeing as this is our first real date and it went oh soooo absolutely perfect, I've never been happier :D

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