November 27, 2008

Five days to go

Arts today was okay. I finished an hour early. From school, Mom said we're going to register for my driving school. Ate a bar of Snickers for lunch today. Oh, I am highly annoyed that Fara and Zhr are now done with SPM. Sighh its not fair. So anyway, Mom wanted to get her facial products at Body Shop so we went to Sunway Pyramid. Bought a birthday present for Aunty Sha. Ate Wendy's and when we were walking we bummed into Fara's dad. So we talked for quite awhile but Fara was not there. She was in Taipan. While talking with her dad, Zhr texted and said he's on the way to Pyramid. I was psyched ! When I saw Vino, I knew Zahir's with him. And let me tell you, I was so happy that I almost tripped on my wedges. Haha. Its been a month, of course I was excited. I missed him so much (: Mommy asked Zhr to take driving lessons with me too. I hope his daddy will agree :) While talking to Zhr and Vino, I saw Fara. And guess what, I shrieked like the mall was mine. Haha. Not that I havent seen Fara for ages. In fact, I just saw her that morning at school, so why was I being so excited ? I dont know. Haha. The fact that Zhr's there and Fara too. I was just happy to see both of my favourite ones. Seeing Zhr after a month sent a slight chill in my body. I couldn't stop smiling (: We talked about prom and Mom suggested we go search for dresses in a store nearby. Unfortunately, the store was horrible. Not a single decent nice dress to wear for prom. They were all with frills and like, flowers here and there. Fara had to get back, so Mom said we better head home too because it was already 7. After saying goodbye to Zhr and Fara, we went back. On the way back, in the car, Fara texted and asked where did I buy my blue tote. Because she wanted to buy a bag for her date tomorrow with Ijal. Awww :) Its her first time meeting him and I sure hope everything goes well. So I offered to lend her the bag and we made plans. She agreed to come by my house with her Mom to take the bag. She arrived around 8. And as usual we talked , talked and talked some more. Its nice to talk to her. Our moms were also busy talking-nonstop. Just like us. Thats what females do, I suppose. Lol. And now its 11, Fara just went back. I hope she'll have a good time with her Mr. So-Called Boyfriend tomorrow. Oh and Fara will be joining me for the driving school too. How great. We made plans for us after I finished my exams next week. And just thinking about it made me excited and eager.

I have Accounts tuition tomorrow morning at 830. I'm so lazy but thinking about how this would be my last tuition I have to attend in my life, I convinced myself to just go and study my ass off. Just for the sake of these last few days, right ? Five more days, five more days, five more days and I'M FINALLYYYY DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL !

PS ; Pray for me for the last two papers, will you ? Thankyouverymuch

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