November 25, 2008

Busy day

I went out to buy baking stuffs with Mom after Aunty Sha fetched my brother and sister. I helped Mom baked chocolate moist cake. And let me tell you, its yumm-mayy ! :D I went swimming with the kids at 6pm. Its been a long time since the last I went swimming. It was relaxing. I hurt my wrist for playing volleyball in the pool. But it was fun. The kids cracked cute jokes especially Aiman (: As we went up, everyone was arguing about who gets the toilet first. And being a very nice sister, I ended up showering the last when the clock hits 8.30pm. I ate the char kuey teow Mom cooked and had my oh so yummy chocolate moist cake for dessert. Uhh, I have to stop eating like seriously. After I finished showering, Amirul arrived and I went into my room with Nina and Amirul's sister, Angah. We spent the whole time talking about our lives. It was great to have someone who can listen. I never heard from Fara for a long time. I miss her and I want to tell her everything. She's the only one that will understand but its nice to let it out to someone like Angah and Nina. They're such good listeners. Thank you, sweeties (: I cant wait to talk to Fara. I need her, pronto !

Amirul's brothers, Im and Aiman are sleeping over tonight. I tried to persuade Aunty Sha to let Angah sleepover too but she flatted out no. But she promised to bring Angah again tomorrow. Yeay ! :) Its just that its been a long time since all these things are bottled up inside me and I need someone who understands. So its nice to have her and Nina. Though of course I didn't spill EVERYTHING. I mean, there's only one person I can spill everything too and that's Fara. So I'll just have to wait for a few more days till I'm free and I will definitely tell her everything.

If all you peeps wouldn't have guessed, I didn't get my hand on any accounts or economics books today. Its Tuesday and I'm definitely not ready. Please please please, I need the mood to start study, now. Or I'll absolutely regret it when I get the result slip. So somebody, shove me a motivation and spirit to study because I'm really in need of those right now.

I'm a little tired, so I guess this is it. Good night

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