December 6, 2008


Whats all these landslide stories I hear ? Newspapers, news on tv. All I hear is landslide here, landslide there. I didnt give it any thought as I dont really care about it. Little did I know that Bukit Antarabangsa is also the prey to the monsterous landslide. Mommy woke me up with a vey worrying news that Awish couldnt make it to our house today because he and his family were stuck up there in their house. And they still are. Stuck with no water and electricity. They couldnt get out. I freaked out by the thought of a little baby like Awish is stuck up there :S I want my Awish here now ! Please please please god, I want Awish in good health and condition. His family too, pleasee. Lets pray for the 5000 people stuck up in their home at Bukit Antarabangsa and for those who died because of the disaster

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