April 27, 2009

Driving ,

Woke up today at around 8, Desmond text saying my class today will be at 2pm. I fell back asleep as soon as I read his text, knowing I have plenty of time. Woke up later on at 10.30pm, showered, did my daily chores and ate breakfast. A bowl of cereal later, I lay back on the couch and read New Moon. After awhile, I was starting to feel sleepy again. Before I dozed off, I took a glance at my Astro's clock. 1pm. I told myself its okay to take a half an hour nap. Abang said goodbye to me before going to college, and that made me wide awake. I looked at the clock again. 1.15. I decided to sleep again but couldn't. So I dragged myself in my room and got ready. When I was in my robe, ironing my blouse, my cell phone rang. I ran for my phone which was charging at that time. As soon as I saw Desmond's name on the screen, I urgently pressed the answer button.

Desmond : Ayeen woo, you ada kat rumah tak ? Im already downstairs haa
(with his thick Chinese accent)

Me : Aiya Desmond. Apahal you awal sangat ? I belum siap lagi tau, aiyooo.

Apparently, this always happen. My accent will automatically turn like Chinese whenever I talk to Chinese people who talks like that. Haha. Then he said its okay, I can take my time getting ready, he'll just wait downstairs. Surprisingly, I got ready in 10minutes. By 1.40pm, I was already downstairs, running as if that would escape me from the drizzling rain. Desmond drove me to Gombak, the place I will take my driving test tomorrow. As soon as we got there, I was nervous. But after Desmond explain to me about what to do and what not to do, I relaxed a little. Desmond got off the petite Kancil and told me to do the Bukit, Parking and Three Point Turn myself. I know I've done it for like, gazillion times before but that was not the same place. Its different, really. The bukit was certainly higher than the one before. But after several rounds, I was getting to fit in. Desmond asked me to drive for the road test after that. Well, it was kind of hard for me because Im not really the person who can remember any roads. Sure, I can remember a formula for my Accounts or Math or Economics. But roads arent my best friends. Desmond showed me the map and after driving for like, 2 times on the same road, I can remember it. I had to struggle to remember though. Haha Thank God the road for the test isnt that far. When the rain started to pour heavily at 5pm, Desmond drove me back to my house and dropped me off. Now Im really nervous about the test tomorrow. REALLY SCARED, seriously. I tend to shiver everytime I think about it. Desmond had been a really great instructor thought :)

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