April 27, 2009

Go Arsenal !

Ay ay Travis ,
In honor of the two goals Fabregas scored just now, I decided to put up his photo. Awww isnt he just so hot ? I know, right. Arsenal won over Middlesborough with the score 2-0. Both of the goals were from Fabregas. Ahh, thank you Fabregas ! I was thinking to put up Arshavin's photo too but seeing how Fabregas was the one who scored, so I better gave him a chance and give him the spotlight for today. Yes, Arshavin is hot too but hey, I'll put up his photo someday. I promise. Haha oh and if you guys are saying I watch football just because of hot guys, well think again. You're wrong. I watched football because of Arsenal. Thats why I only watch Arsenal's matches :] I cant wait for this Thursday's match. Arsenal against Man. United. It'll be insane !

I managed to read New Moon until Chapter 20 today. 4 more chapters to go.

By the way, Zahir, I still remember your promise. Arsenal won, care to get me a cup of Choc Cream Chip ? :p

I'm going to read New Moon now and go straight to bed. Night, lovelies :]

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