September 30, 2010

I can almost see it

Last night was the greatest girls night I had so far in 2010. Reena, Miejah, Noor, Wawa and Ziha came to my place for our planned sleepover. I won't type everything in detail on what we did or what we talked about because then this post will sure be a one long ass post. Not like I have an intention or the energy to do that. We cam-whored like a bunch of crazy girls and after so long of not jumping into the pool, I finally did with the girls last night. Oh, know what was the best part? All 5 of us(excluding Wawa) showered together in the tiny bathroom. Told you we're crazy. Har.

We overslept, as predicted, so we decided to go to McDonald's in Taipan for breakfast instead of rushing to class. Mom and Dad knew that'll happen since last night, so they don't mind of me skipping. We ate while watching Love Me If You Dare, a French movie, at McDonald's. I had to send them back before the movie could finish as I was suppose to go to SKSS to join their Eid's event by lunch. It was great having girlfriends around again. Speaking of girlfriends, I miss Fara and Ika :(


oh reena! said...

thanks ayeen! :)
it was great! yeay. best best

Ayeen Kadir said...

Sure :D Tu la bestt <3