October 11, 2010

We'll never ever be apart

Surprisingly this week's Monday wasn't that bad. I don't know why I was all happy to kick start my day this morning. Zahir sent me to college and fetched me up at 1700. We had dinner at Carl's Jr and I couldn't be more full. Oh btw, so far I'm happy with all my carried marks. SO FAR :)

I went to Topshop's students lock up last Friday with Fara. We had fun but unfortunately I didn't get myself anything other than the goodie bag as we were the first 100 at the door :( We queued up since 1400 and the door opened at 1500 sharp. I tried on several items but none fit me well and when I looked at this black suede flats, I fell in love. I tried it on and obviously, they love me too. I called Daddy to ask if it's okay if I use the credit card. At first, he was all okay with it but then he had to give Mom the phone. Of course, Mommy was all no, you have a gazillion shoes at home and all. I nearly cried, I swear! I was furious at the same time so I ended up not buying anything. Boo :( It was such a waste as all the discounts were crazy! Luckily Fara was with me, so I calmed down a little after a while. I had the greatest time with her. We had dinner at Chilli's, as per usual. Har. Chilli's has been a must with Fara nowadays. Definitely can't resist their Honey Chicken. Nomnomnom.

I have a plan with my siblings tomorrow. An outing as Nina just finished her big exams today. I'm going to tuck myself in bed now as I'm so tired of walking around looking for my iPod Touch's cover. It's so hard to find a nice one, sigh. Nights!

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