October 17, 2010


Arranged a meet up with Min Yi, the blogshop's owner on Friday after lunch. The shoes are PERFECT. There's nothing I could say any more than perfect. I absolutely love it :)

I know I haven't been loyal to my blog these past couple of months and I plead guilty. I swear, it's not that I'm lazy to update or anything but I am now busy with assignments as the date lines are just around the corner. I know if anyone were to blame, it's me. I admit that I always delay my work when I can actually start doing them earlier. Again, I don't blame it all on my laziness of doing assignments but there were several nights that I felt like blogging but I have absolutely no idea why my Internet sucks at night. Okay, maybe it sucks during the day too but not as much during the night. I have been active in my Facebook and Tumblr BUT, before you can accuse me on neglecting my Blogspot for Tumblr and Facebook, you're wrong. The only reason I'm active in those two is that I always online in my classes using my iPod Touch whenever the class gets a little boring. I tried to update something in Blogspot from my iPod but I couldn't as the words are too long. So, it wasn't really my fault, is it?

This weekend is by far the most productive weekend I've experienced in 2010. Sad but true. I spent the whole day yesterday, yes, from morning till midnight finishing my Accounts assignments and tutorials. I had no problems answering the first two questions but when I came to the next questions, I was like, 'say what?' I have no memories whatsoever of learning that topic. I was about to give up but I kept trying. Mind you, I have completed my Accounts assignment which is such a relief. It wasn't easy to make a 'T' account using your laptop for the first time. I was all happy and cherry when the amounts of my Assets and Equity for the last question balance with each other. Zahir hung out at my place and accompany me while he studied for his finals next week. Actually, he mentioned studying but I didn't see him study at all. He just played PS3 with my little brother and Izer. Anyways, it was so funny when he looked at me whenever I was so stressed out doing the questions. Har. He went back at almost 2 in the morning and I happily tucked myself in bed. Glad that one assignment's done and over with.

I woke up this morning much earlier than I thought. I always wake up later than 9 if I slept past midnight the night before. Not this morning though. I woke up at around 8 when I slept at 3 something. I was amazed myself. Maybe I was so eager to get started with other assignments? Har, as if. I called Zahir to say good morning like usual and showered. The best part was, I started on my assignment before I had breakfast. It was so unbelievable because I NEVER do anything before my breakfast except showering. I started to make researches on Economics and I spent the whole day in front of Microsoft Office today. I finished only the first part of the assignment as it's kind of hard with all the curves and tables and examples to give. I guess that's enough of Economics today. I think my eyes will pop out of its sockets anytime soon after reading lengthy explanations of Marginal Cost and Profit.

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