January 14, 2011


I know it's kind of too late for my Bandung post but I promised this post, so here goes..

I boarded the plane to Bandung in the morning on December 27th. Like always, Zahir sent me to KLIA but this time he couldn't wait for me to check in because he had to rush to his class. My family and I were late to check in, so we didn't really had the time to eat breakfast. And if you didn't already know, breakfast is the most vital meal for me. I love breakfasts and to not eat breakfast just made me grumpy. So I was nagging and ranting to Mom the whole time in KLIA, insisting we get some Sausage McMuffin with egg at McDonald's. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to even stop for breakfast in the airport, so I had to bare with my empty stomach till I get on to the plane to have my breakfast.

I've never liked a plane without a tv screen in front of my seat but since the flight to Bandung only takes a couple of hours, I didn't mind. I was planning to sleep the whole way anyway because I had to wake up so early to get ready that morning. As soon as I got on to the plane, the only thing that was on my mind was, "when are they going to serve the food????" Like the stewards could read my mind, they served our lunch right after the plane took off. Thank God..

I chose briyani rice with fish but they were finished, so I had no choice but to take the turkey ham with veges. Like it or not, my stomach was grumbling! As expected, I didn't finish the turkey but not because it didn't taste good but because I was full. I only finished the veges and left a few slices of hams. And my most favorite part of the meal on Malaysia Airlines is of course, Ferrero Roche :) I was being clumsy the whole way on the plane. I don't know what had gotten into me but I knocked down my drink, TWICE. I had to change my seat because my seat was getting soaked. Guess I was over excited. Harrr

When we touched down, I was kind of shocked to see how tiny the airport was. They didn't even have the tunnel that connects to the plane doors to the airport. So we had to got off the plane through the portable stairs and walked(yes, walk as in using our own legs!) from the plane to the airport. And don't get me started on how tiny the immigration counters and stuffs. The immigration counters were combined with the baggage claim and yet it will still be smaller than a classroom in my primary school.
When we found all of our luggages, we walked out to find our driver, Pak Otang. He was standing right in front of the arrivals gate holding a sign that says "Mr. Abd Kadir", which was my dad. He drove us straight to our apartment hotel in Ciumbuleuit.
We didn't have to check in because a guy already helped us to check in before we even got there, so the only thing we had to do was.. nothing. We just waited for our luggages to be sent by the bellboy and that was it. The service was fabulous! After we freshen ourselves up, we asked Pak Otang to drive us to any factory outlet as Bandung is well known for it's factory outlets. Pak Otang drove us to our first outlet, Grande. I had to admit, I forgot about my family once I saw everything in that outlet and that was only our first outlet! :p The greatest thing about these outlets are that everything is original, not imitation! However Dad reminded me not to buy too many things as we had so many outlets more to go. I only settled for a Zara top and boyfriend blazers, which I had the hardest time to choose between navy blue and grey. So I persuaded Dad to buy me both :p After spending what felt like 4hours in that first outlet, we wanted to chill our mouths with some ice creams. We saw "Es Durian" somewhere along the road and being the biggest Durian fans, we asked Pak Otang to stop. I finally realised it was worth it to walk from the plane to the airport earlier because we didn't have to get out from the car to buy the Es Durian(s). The seller came to our car himself. I told you, the service in Bandung is fabulous!!

The Es Durian tasted so good! They put chocolate syrup on top and pulut hitam(which I gave to Mom since I'm not a fan of pulut). Pak Otang drove us to Toko Tiga next, a denim heaven. Sadly I don't really like the brands. But if you like Levi's, Lee or Wrangler, you're in heaven if you visit Toko Tiga. We didn't waste much time as we were not interested in anything there. We went straight to our first dinner in Bandung. Pak Otang brought us to a restaurant with really nice ambiance. We ate so fast as to not waste our shopping hours. Haha after dinner, I asked Pak Otang to bring us to Rumah Mode as my cousin said Rumah Mode sells Juicy Couture stuffs at very low prices despite it being original. If I said I forgot my family when I stepped into Grande earlier, I think I forgot almost everything when I stepped in Rumah Mode. I pushed myself through the throngs of people and managed to score a few stuffs. Juicy Couture tracksuit was sold at RM50 for the sweater and only RM35 for the matching sweatpants. I managed to get the sweater but only big sizes were left for the pants. The lingeries were all Victoria Secret's and I wanted to fall and die when everything that was left on the racks were all big sizes. Though I kind of expected that since it's an outlet. Outlets are always out of sizes. I bought a Topshop pink leopard printed pajamas though! :) Everything was so cheap, we ended up buying 5 shopping bags there. It was already 10pm when we left Rumah Mode, so the outlets and stores were all closed.

The next day, I woke up the earliest because I was so psyched for our next shopping spree. But Dad had something else in mind : Jungle trekking. I had no clue that we were LITERALLY going into the jungle and climb the mud and rocks. So I wore something inappropriate for the occasion. My Forever21 leopard/zebra printed off-shoulder, tucked in my high waisted jeans and my Topshop baseball jacket on top. The worst part was, I wore my new Vincci black sandals that I love so much. I wanted to cry and run back home when I stepped into too much mud :( But the whole journey of almost 5km in the forest was worth it. The place was named Tangkuban Perahu or some sort. Lucky the weather was so cold, so I didn't produce a single sweat.

I've never liked something adventurous but this time, though I couldn't wait for the whole walking and climbing to be over, I have to admit, I enjoyed it. My favorite part was when we arrived at the bottom of the forest, where the volcano's lava was formerly at, we had the chance to soak our feet in the sulphur. I even got my legs massaged using the sulphur! (Y) I didn't want the massage at first since everyone knows how sensitive I am when it comes to my feet. But I figured, when will I get this chance again? Probably never, so I just went for it :)

After soaking our feet, we stopped at a Hotspring to have our lunch for a little while. We went back to the city of Bandung to resume our shopping spree. The journey to Bandung from Tangkuban Perahu took 2hours, all of us fell asleep in the car. Pak Otang brought us to a bags/shoes outlet but we weren't so happy about the place because it was kind of expensive compared to other outlets. We left with nothing and went on to the next outlets. There were a lot of outlets, so it's impossible for me to type everything. But the best place was definitely Rumah Mode and the second was Pasar Baru! We spent the whole day at Pasar Baru on our second last day. It was worth it because Dad bought 3 Juicy bags for me :p And I had the most delicious Coconut Ice ever in my life! Not to mention the Durian Ice and the Fried Bebek(duck) rice! Mmmm, just typing it makes me hungry..

I was so sad to leave the next day and ranted why Dad didn't decide to stay longer. But Dad insisted we will visit Bandung again soon. For Raya shopping, probably. Can't wait! :D

PS : I'm sleepy at the moment, so excuse any grammar errors or whatever :)

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