January 29, 2011

My boyfriend and his surprises

I know I've been neglecting my blog. Yet, once again. But don't blame me. I've started my second semester of the first year. In fact, I'm now already on 4th week. Okay, I'm kidding. My classes don't affect my social life or my time on the Internet. At least, not yet. Truth be told, I'm always on the Internet nowadays. It's just I've been ignoring the Blogger symbol thats on my bookmarks bar. I'm always on Twitter or Tumblr. Not so much on Facebook but I still logged in sometimes to stalk people.

The reason why I'm more on Twitter and Tumblr than my blog is because I've got my white Blackberry that I wanted! Thanks to Zahir, I can now crossed off another thing on my wish list. He wanted to keep it a secret because he wanted to surprise me but like always, I was being such a spoiled girlfriend and forced him to spill the beans. I won't tell you why he showed me the receipt before he even got the phone because it's too embarrassing but eventually, I knew it a few days before. So of course I couldn't wait for it!
Though I knew the surprise way before the day he actually wanted to surprise me, I was surprised nonetheless. I screamed in the car when he gave me the phone. He never fails to make me happy. And I'm not saying this in terms of the gifts he got me, but also the love, the protection, the way he treats me, the times and endless efforts he puts in this relationship. He's just one of a kind and I'm so lucky :)

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