January 29, 2011

Girlfriends and I

Since I'm plead guilty for ignoring my blog, I'm making up for it now by updating two posts in a row. See, I still love my blog!

I've started my second semester in University of Malaya and so far, I haven't been studying nor have I been focusing in class. I don't know why but I'm just not in the mood for that. Yet. I hope I will snap into reality and start to work my arse off in my studies. So anyway, if you didn't know, Reena and Miejah are in the same course as me and of course, we're in the same classes. But as for Noor, we had Law and English together last semester but this semester we don't have any class together except for one class. But that class is on Friday evenings. If you know me well, you ought to know that I'm a lazy girl. Especially on Friday. ESPECIALLY on Friday EVENINGS. This only mean one thing, I always skip that Friday class. So you do the math yourself. We barely get to see Noor this semester and we've missed her! We made a date, the four of us and I decided to take them to The Upstairs Cafe to stuff our faces with good foods!

I love my lecturer more when he canceled the class on Thursday. We went to Sunway Pyramid to waste time as Upstairs opens at 3pm. We wanted to watch a movie but there wasn't any movies on the screen that appealed to us. We decided to window shop instead. I didn't notice how pricey the stuffs are compared to Bandung and Beijing! I actually wanted to find a descent black sheer top for work during the Chinese New Year but seeing the ridiculous price tags(and they don't even have brands or labels!), I decided to keep my money than to waste it. After going around the mall, we didn't know what else we can do, so we left Sunway Pyramid earlier.

We arrived at Upstairs Cafe and the girls looked so excited choosing the main dishes and desserts! I had my favorites, Spaghetti Carbonara and a glass of Chocolate Chip Cream Frap. I wanted Creme Brule but settled for Tiramisu for dessert because I've never tasted their Tiramisu before. Reena was so excited because she saw her favorite dessert, Red Velvet cupcake.

And I don't blame her. Upstair's Red Velvet cupcake is the best! It's one of my favorites too :)

I had some of Miejah's cheese cake and boy, was it good! Seriously, the dessert at Upstairs Cafe have got to be the best I've tasted so far.

I've never tasted their Chicken Sandwich either and it tasted so good too!

Miejah didn't join our sleepover that night at my place because she had a dinner to go to. Reena, Noor and I had so much fun that night though and the day after that we even skipped the Friday class. Again. We went for a morning swim, breakfast by the pool, followed by the sauna. I fell asleep while watching Black Swan with them after swimming as I was so tired from all those guffaws. We even planned our next month outing trip. It's gonna be the Sunway Lagoon in February! Can't wait :)

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