January 30, 2011

Blue Valentine

I've been watching a lot of movies on my laptop nowadays because Zahir just taught me how to download a movie. Before you can judge me, I better admit. Yes, I am naive when it comes to IT or gadgets or anything related to that. The thing is, I've never been interested to learn about it. All I know about owning a laptop is that as long as I know where to click for Internet, where to click to view photos and all the basic stuffs, then it's enough. So when Zahir introduced me to all these Torrents and stuffs, I started to download movies non stop. Okay you can say I'm a little bit obsess.

One of the movie I downloaded was Blue Valentine. I watched it last night and it got me all teared up :(

I was just so mad at the girl because her husband was being so nice and loving but all she did was throw their marriage out the window. Okay maybe he did some mistakes but everyone deserves a chance. He didn't cheat on her, he didn't hit her, he treats their daughter good. What more did she want? Its just not fair. I cried when he left :(

To whoever who haven't watch this, you should! Unless you hate sad endings as much as I do, then you better not.

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