February 11, 2011


I've been lazy. Yet again. I have reasons though. During the one week of Chinese New Year holidays, I worked. Yes, you heard me. I WORKED. For one whole week, without any off day. I don't know what had gotten into me but since Benefit just opened in Sunway Pyramid, I figured, why not? Some of you might know that I've worked with Benefit for about a month or so during my break before I started my Degree. I worked at Benefit in Metrojaya in Midvalley. Yes, I traveled that far and went through the killer traffics just to get to work. So when Benefit opened in Sunway, which is 100th times nearer to my house, I went for it. The manager, James, knows I've worked with benefit before so he called me and agreed to let me work.

So, the night before I started working, I was so lazy and cursed at myself silently for putting myself into that situation. To dread myself everyday to go to work and all. Turned out, the first day wasn't that bad. The staffs and supervisor in Sunway were more fun and friendlier than the ones who worked in Midvalley. So I started to enjoy my work!

I thought I've forgotten everything about the products and how to treat the customers but hey, I did not. I won't say I did so good, but at least I know what to do every time a customer asked me to apply Benetint on their cheeks or when a customer asked me to do smokey eyes on her or what shade of two-way-cake is suitable for their skin. And proud to say, I still remember their prices. Though I'm sure the reason why I remember the prices is because I'm actually using Benefit's products :p

My supervisor is a Chinese, so she took a week off. And guess who she put in charge of the counter while she was away celebrating Chinese New Year? Yes, you've guessed it. Me! There were four of us working the whole week and the three girls just started working with Benefit. So they were not really familiar with the products and the prices. When there wasn't any customer, I taught them a little about the products, the prices, what does the make up base does, what's the function of That Gal and a bunch of other stuffs. I had so much fun with them working that I didn't want to stop on my last day. They always crack me up with stupid and dirty jokes!

I think I'm going to consider working again during my 5 months of holidays this mid year :)

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