February 19, 2011

She's a keeper

After so long, finally Fara and I planned our sleepover! Properly, this time as we don't want our plans to go down the drain like it always does. Since I'm always busy with assignments, classes and family and Fara's always busy with either work, her boyfriend or her Mom, we couldn't really make time for each other. We always go for a quick lunch or dinner but didn't really have the time to spend the whole night together. But last Tuesday, we decided to throw away all those things for a while to spend time with each other. Because we love each other too much!

Fara and I have found our own hang out place, where every time one of us invited the other for dinner, lunch or sometimes just for desserts, we'll know where to go.

Me : Desserts?

Fara : Let's! Upstairs?

Me : See you there!

Always the same conversation.

So when we planned this sleepover, we figured it wouldn't be fun if we didn't pay Upstairs Cafe a visit. And yes, we went just to have their Creme Brule and Brownies which are the best ever! That explains why their Brownies were sold out and it was only 7pm!! Now, you have to know that they open at 3pm. Which means it was only 4 hours and the brownies were already finished? You have got to try it and you'll know why its sold out after only 4 hours. However, we still ordered our favorite of all time, Creme Brule! I brought my sister, Nina along and Nina being the sweet tooth she is, almost cried when she found out brownies were finished. We somehow moved on and had Creme Brule, Quiche and some chocolate thingy which I don't know what it's called.

Seriously, you've got to try these!

See those drinks? It's Chocolate Chip Cream. I hope it's not rude to say this but.. it's so much better than Starbuck's and it only costs you about RM8.50.

After finishing off the last bits of our desserts, we went back to my place. Zahir, Nazrin and Razin were on their way to my place too as we planned to go swimming together, all of us :) Nazrin and Fara were so excited to the extend that they went to Toys R Us and bought a ball to play in the pool. Those two are so cute!
Razin's photo isn't here because he was the photographer. Seeing how Fara and Nazrin, Zahir and I are couples, he had to bare with us. After swimming, we neglected the guys and went for dinner at Chili's. Nina, Fara and I dressed ourselves up that night even though we know it's not necessary but just for the fun of it. It's been so long since we all last go out together and doll up ourselves. We were late, and we know there were nobody to impress since our boyfriends didn't tag along and the stores were already closed by then, but who cares? We felt good about ourselves at that's what matters. We we rushing and by the time we arrived at Chili's it was 10.30pm and Chili's was closing in half an hour. Thank God Fara works there, so she called the manager first hand to let him know we were coming. Phewww!

It felt so good to just have a quite dinner with good foods and even better companies. We just sat and relaxed and it was as if nothing can go wrong and I could see that we were all so comfortable with each other. This is why I love going out with Fara and Nina. Every time we're out together, we can be ourselves, without the awkwardness.

I just ♥ them so much!

We ended our day with a long talk together with my mom and Zahir at the living room. I woke up the next day with a headache and a fever. I had fun nonetheless. It was totally worth it!

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