February 20, 2011

Friends with benefits

My dad asked me to book tickets for a movie. A movie that I promised Fara I won't watch without her. It would be rude if I said no to Dad right? (Actually Dad wanted to go with Mom alone, but being busybody as I am, I insisted on tagging along and Dad couldn't do anything since I was the one who booked the tickets :p ) Oh, I forgot to mention the title of the movie! Someone smack me in the head please! It was No Strings Attached. Seeing how my lovely boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher is in it, I was excited. I didn't even read the synopsis before we went out like I always do. But hey, anything with Ashton Kutcher MUST be great to watch right?

We had some complications and an incident that made us burned a ticket. Since the tickets were paid by Dad's credit card via online and Dad turned out to not join us, we had no other choice but to just throw away the extra ticket. Actually, we had a choice. Mom suggested we invite Wie to join us since he works at Sunway Pyramid. So we went to Island Shop and asked him whether he's free. But turned out, he had other plans with his colleagues. Bummer! So there you go, a seat.. wasted. It's a good thing that a ticket just costs about RM14. Mom, Nina and I bought hot dogs to eat in the cinema since we were starving. In case you're wondering, yes we did buy from the cinema's food counter, not from other restaurants. I seriously don't get why people sneaks in McDonald's or any food that they obviously did not buy from the cinema's food counter itself. I always think those people are low mentality people. Back to the story, we arrived at the cinema on time. And I had to sit next to a stranger. I always fight for the middle seat, like in between whoever I go to the movies with. Or whenever I go with Zahir alone, I will insist on sitting next to the wall or the stairs. I don't know why but sitting besides strangers in the dark doesn't occur to me as safe nor comfortable. I feel so awkward to be that near to someone I don't know and in the dark some more! But today, maybe I was too excited and because when we arrived, there wasn't anybody sitting next to me, so I assumed no one had bought that seat. Then this whole gang of Malay teens came and apparently, one of them ended up sitting next to me. And he was a guy! Ughhh. I shifted here and there to feel comfortable but failed miserably. Mom sensed my awkwardness and offered me to switch places but the movie had started and I didn't want to be a brat, so I just said, 'no, it's okay', pretending to act tough. What Mom didn't know was, I was so not okay! :( I don't know what's wrong with me but I really really don't like sitting next to strangers in the dark. Especially when he smells like cigarettes, he cursed while watching the movie and he leaned so far to the right, which was on my side, by the way. So I had to leaned towards MY right, so we won't be too close. I had to sit up straight in a position that I wasn't comfortable with the whole movie just because I was sitting next to a stranger. This does not imply to only guys, but I tend to get uncomfortable sitting next to girls too in the dark.

Okay, now something about the movie..

It was actually rated 18PL but Mom and I sneaked Nina in. I have no idea why would they rate it 18PL when they already cut out the scenes that are not meant for kids to see. But it was great nonetheless! The story line was nice and it was such a sweet movie. I told you, nothing could go wrong in a movie if Ashton Kutcher's in it. I couldn't stop thinking about his broad body. Omg, drools! Don't get me started with his face..

Overall, I will definitely watch this movie again. I'll drag Zahir to watch it since we haven't been to the movies together for so long already. And now that Ashton Kutcher is in one of the 'Now Showing', why not?

Two thumbs up, except the fact that my back hurts from sitting like a statue in the movie.

PS : Mom bought the wedges that I wanted from Charles & Keith! It's a bummer that Mom's size is two sizes smaller than mine. I know I'm like gigantic compared to my Mom. You don't have to rub it in my face, thankyouverymuch.

PSS : Btw, why is it so hard to find a decent piece of peterpan collared chiffon blouse nowadays? :(

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